Too many whites in Scotland? Prime Minister Yousaf faces more allegations than Rowling

Too many whites in Scotland? Prime Minister Yousaf faces more allegations than Rowling
Too many whites in Scotland? Prime Minister Yousaf faces more allegations than Rowling

The main target of these days is Prime Minister Humzai Yousaf, who is one of the active supporters of the law, and the British writer Joanne Rowling is on my behalf. On the other hand, she criticizes the norm because of her disputes with gender activists, she disagrees with them about whether to reveal people’s biological sex, or rather their gender identity.

In Yousaf’s case, the whistleblower condemns him for a 2020 speech in the parliament, where, in his capacity as Minister of Justice at the time, he emphasized the fact that important state functions are mainly held by criminals.

Yousaf’s age has long been controversial in social circles. The politician said that he did not miss the surprised reaction when he points out that in the meetings he attends, he is often the only non-black person in the room.

And in the forty-fifty-second clip, he continued: Why are we so surprised when the highest positions in Scotland are occupied exclusively by white-skinned people? The speaker then broke up with the accusation that Yousaf claims that there are more flea people in Scotland.

The Reuters agency stated during his entire speech that he did not claim anything of the sort. According to her, the speech was part of a discussion about racial injustice and the lack of people of color in positions of power in the Scottish Parliament and government.

The clip managed to get a lot of attention when the owner of social media X, Elon Musk, commented on it in a thread under the theme of the right-wing media, talking about a shameless racist.

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In the vicinity of the prime minister’s residence in Broughty Ferry, a new hateful graffiti appeared these days, which the police intended to remove according to the new law.

As for the accusations against Yousaf pito, she preemptively stated that they cannot even be assessed, because the law does not apply retroactively, that is, it cannot be applied to a criminal offense if it happened at a time when the aforementioned sections did not apply.

Neither will Rowling’s sthat police

In the meantime, the police confirmed that they will not take any action against the famous author of Harry Potter, who, for example, wrote a series of critical tweets about transgender people in connection with rape and other crimes committed by some of them.

In these days, Rowling on social media called X order to let her be arrested if they decide that she has committed a crime with her criticism of transgender activism. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also defended the writer.

Based on the new criminal act of incitement to hatred, the perpetrator may be sentenced to seven years in prison. It is considered a crime to choose to hate threatening or violent behavior because of age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity.

The law is subject to criticism that the evaluation of these criminal acts is more ambiguous and may threaten freedom of expression. From the other side, it is then announced that the standard is not blacked out. Scotland is preparing a special law for this purpose.

Scotland’s Minister for Community Safety, Siobhian Brown, has criticized the flood notices, saying that many of them are false or that their writers are trying to come out on their own.

Even the police are counting on the fact that the administrative work with the fast-moving rockets is growing. Scottish Conservative MP Murdo Fraser said that the new law is a massive burden on the police and a real nuisance. I will be surprised if at all any of these incidents end up with criminal penalties, the politician told the BBC station.

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