Ivan David writes: Western politics in ruins, Ukrainians lack almost everything


Even in the Western press, more and more descriptions of the situation in Ukraine, which is on the defensive against Russia, are appearing. But some politicians are still urging the continuation of the war, even though it may cost tens of thousands more lives.

“The situation at the front is dramatic for Ukraine. This is now recognized even in the West. However, the goal remains allegedly to help Ukraine achieve a military victory. Ukrainians should fight on, said David Cameron, the current British foreign secretary. Well, blood doesn’t flow from strangers… The new law on mobilization in Ukraine is supposed to serve this purpose,” David claims in his post on ParlamentníchListech.cz.

David recalls that for a long time the narrative in the Western media prevailed about the poor condition of the Russian army, where the soldiers were completely without weapons, while the Ukrainian troops were well armed by the West. “Nevertheless, criticism of this overly simplistic misinformation and reporting riddled with racist clichés is now being heard even among Western journalists and experts,” David points out, for example, to the interview of Austrian army officer Markus Reisner.

He said, among other things, that the Ukrainian summer offensive of last year was an obvious fiasco, although the Western media constantly pointed out how the morale of the Russians was at the bottom, that they were drunk or running from the trenches. But the offensive did not succeed, and on the contrary, today it is the Ukrainian troops who are struggling with declining morale and are quite obviously on the defensive.

“From what has been said, it is clear: the earlier reports were not realistic, most of them were pure wishful thinking,” David is clear. According to the Austrian officer, today Russia has the upper hand and Ukraine lacks almost everything, weapons, equipment and especially soldiers. That is why a new mobilization law was signed and many videos from the border show how Ukrainians of mobilization age are trying to get across the border.

“This current view of Reisner is consistent with current reports from other Western military experts. The breakthrough of the Russian army through the Ukrainian lines is imminent. Ukraine is losing the war, this is the finding that is now being addressed at the G7 summit. The West has overestimated itself. The country’s own weapons systems were portrayed as miracle weapons, while Russia’s weapons technology was understated. That didn’t match the real situation,” says David.

But Western politicians do not and will not listen to these appeals of experts. For example, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock suggests that all owners of Patriot air defense systems around the world send something to Ukraine. It is said that the goal remains to help Ukraine gain an advantageous position on the battlefield compared to Russia, so that Ukraine can then dictate the conditions for a peace agreement according to Western ideas. “Western politicians still cling to this idea, even though their own military advisers now paint a significantly different picture of the situation on the front,” wonders the MEP.

According to him, it turns out that Western politicians have no plan B, as in the case of sanctions, which also failed. “There seems to be no Plan B with regard to military planning any more than there is a Plan B for Western sanctions. The goal of the sanctions was actually to destroy the Russian economy in a short period of time. The beginning was supposed to be an economic slump in double-digit percentages in the first year of the sanctions. Through a combination of military and economic power, Russia was to be forced on the defensive. Under these conditions, the country would then have to accept all the conditions dictated by the West. Both the sanctions regime and the massive rearmament of Ukraine fell far short of these original goals,” David is convinced.

But Western politicians continue to stubbornly reject such a failure and continue to plan for a continuation of the war, where tens of thousands of people are dying. “The West faces the ruins of its aggressive policy, but still stubbornly denies the outcome. Former British Prime Minister, now Foreign Secretary David Cameron, said of the disastrous situation: the best thing you can do now is to keep the Ukrainians fighting. The war should continue as long as possible at the expense of Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers. For the British and the Americans, a fratricidal fight to the last Ukrainian is an acceptable price even for a poor result,” claims David and asks whether the Czech Republic, as a member of NATO, has the same view of war suffering in Ukraine.

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Ukraine (War in Ukraine)

Reports from the battlefield are difficult to verify in real time, regardless of whether they come from any side of the conflict. Both warring parties, for understandable reasons, may release completely or partially false (misleading) information.

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author: Jakub Makarovič

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