Ukraine secretly used long-range missiles, new aid does not guarantee victory

Ukraine secretly used long-range missiles, new aid does not guarantee victory
Ukraine secretly used long-range missiles, new aid does not guarantee victory

The new missile, which the Ukrainian officials have long sought, will give Ukraine double the range and 300 kilometers compared to the medium-range missiles that the country received from the United States last June. One of the officials said that the US, as part of the new military aid package signed by President Joe Biden in the center, will provide these missiles to fly in.

Biden approved the addition of the Long-Range Tactical Missile System, known as ATACMS, to the US. Amerian included a significant number of these missiles in the then-announced $300 million aid package.

Two American officials, who spoke to AP on condition of anonymity so that they could talk about the addition, which will not be made public, did not want to mention the exact number of missiles provided last month or in the latest package of aid, which in total is about one billion dollars.

Ukraine has to protect its weapons, because it is now under strong Russian influence. Therefore, long-range long-range missiles add a critical ability to hit distant Russian targets, which allows Ukrainian forces to remain safely out of range.

Information about the supply was kept secret to such an extent that in the last few days, lawmakers and the public demanded that the US send weapons even if they did not know that the EU was in Ukraine.

For a whole month, the US has been reluctant to send long-range missiles to Ukraine out of fear that Kiev could send them to targets deep in Russian soil, which would anger Moscow and escalate the conflict. That was the main reason, for the administration in January they sent a medium-range version with a range of about 160 kilometers.

A high-ranking US military official in the center said that Bl dm and the soldiers of the Plovani Peliv researched the risks of providing long-range missiles to Ukraine and concluded that now is the right time for Ukraine to receive them.

Admiral Christopher Grady, Deputy Chairman of the Joint Task Force, told the AP agency that the long-range weapons will help Ukraine eliminate Russian logistics hubs and troops that are not concentrated on the front line. He declined to say what specific weapons were provided, but said they would be very effective if used properly, and I’m sure they would be.

As with many other sophisticated weapons systems provided to Ukraine, the administration questioned whether their use would risk further escalation of the conflict. I think it’s the right time, if (Biden) has decided it’s the right time to provide it based on where the fight is first, Grady said.

I think it was decided a long time ago, and we really got it out of the way, but again, whenever you introduce a new system, any change to combat, you have to think about its escalating nature, he added.

Zelenskyi did not confirm the addition

Ukrainian public officials were not allowed to drink or use long ATACMS. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, however, while thanking the Congress for the approval of the new law on aid to Russia, noted that Ukraine’s long-range capabilities, artillery and anti-aircraft defense are extremely important tools for the rapid restoration of a just peace.

One of the US officials said that the Biden administration warned Russia last year that if Moscow tests and uses long-range ballistic missiles against Ukraine, Washington will provide Kyiv with the same capabilities.

Russia obtained some of these weapons from North Korea and used them on Ukraine, the amendment said, prompting the Biden administration to green-light the new long-range missiles. The US refused to confirm that it had provided these missiles to Ukraine until the Ukrainian army actually used them in combat and Kiev did not approve the release of this information.

One of the officials said that the weapons were used last week to attack a plane in Dankoja, a city on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. They were used again at night east of the occupied city of Beransk. Videos on social media last week showed explosions at the military base there, but editors refused to confirm that it was ATACMS.

The first use of these weapons by Ukraine took place at a time when the political deadlock in the US Congress delayed the approval of a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and other allies for several months. Ukraine is faced with an acute shortage of artillery and anti-aircraft defense systems, which is why ammunition is being limited due to lower funding from the US.

The wolf has been around this year, and Russia has used the bottom in the supply of American weapons and its own weight in firepower and personnel to increase the flow to the entrance of Ukraine. This is why they use satellites to track bombs dropped from airplanes from a safe distance to target Ukrainian forces suffering from a lack of troops and ammunition.

Medium-range missiles delivered to Ukraine last year, and some of the recently sent long-range missiles carry cluster munitions that, when launched, open in the air and launch hundreds of bombs instead of a single warhead. Jin recently sent missiles with a single warhead.

One of the decisive factors in the new decision to send weapons was the ability of the US Army to replace the old ATACMS. The Army now buys a lot of heavy steel, so it is convenient for it to remove ATACMS from sale and provide them to Ukraine, the unnamed American administration added.

Sometimes you have to hit yourself in the wolf

The last approved Balkan American will help me to open the door of Ukraine, but it is not guaranteed yet, experts agree. Ukraine has two perspectives that it will continue this year in the train, namely Michael Clarke, who teaches public studies at London’s Kings College. Sometimes it’s like that in the train that you just have to be able to hit it. You have to be careful, Clarke said.

Thus, according to the editor of the British institute RUSI, Matthew Saville, the American support seems only to stabilize the Ukrainian position this year and prepare for the Ukrainian operations in 2025. The difference on the front could be felt in the following days.

Thanks to this prospect, Ukraine will not have to delay releasing the spent ammunition from its arsenal. First anti-aircraft ammunition is the key for Ukraine to stop the advance of Russian troops. In addition to the ground, it needs anti-aircraft missiles in order to protect the civilian population and infrastructure.

Ukrainian opozin MP Vadym Ivenko believes that the main focus of Ukraine at this time is to hit the position, not to stop the main volume of aid letters in the middle of the year. After Ukraine began to concentrate on regaining the land, he soon fell in the Donetsk region. According to him, at the end of the year, she could try a counter-offensive.

However, some experts doubt that Ukraine will launch a counter-offensive in the near future, even on a small scale. Similarly, according to analysts, after two years, Russia is very exhausted and it is not necessary to carry out an offensive that would lead to significant strategic gains within the fifth year.

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