Silenced with belts and sticks. The video caused an uproar in Sadsk Arabia

Silenced with belts and sticks. The video caused an uproar in Sadsk Arabia
Silenced with belts and sticks. The video caused an uproar in Sadsk Arabia

The record, made public by one of the women in her 50s, shows him in security uniforms and typical Sadz clothes, who chase the dotyn and beat them with old sticks and horse belts. On one of the weapons, he is pulling a woman by the hair, while he first beat her with a belt. A policeman can be seen handcuffing a man, The Washington Post reported.

The incident took place in the city of Chams Muajt ​​in Asr province. The Storyful agency, looking into social media, discovered that the images from the video corresponded to images of the state-run Social Home for the Elderly.

In Saudi Arabia, women often go to orphanages or asylums to escape domestic violence. However, some people stay there because they disobeyed their family members.

It is not clear what caused the violence. The British-based group ALQST, taking part in Saudi Arabia, claims that the beating was in retaliation for a protest against five living conditions and a comparative first in prison. Its leaders called in security forces to break up the protest.

The Human First organization has repeatedly warned that it does not fulfill its functions and that women often suffer from poor treatment here. According to ALQST, the video is the latest in a series of similar incidents in social media and social media. ady usually does not veto these others and the offenders are thus not punished.

According to the Sadz-Arab media, the city police f.

The governor of the province, Turk bin Tall bin Abdulazz, ordered the creation of a committee to review all sides of the incident and refer the case to the appropriate authority.

Skepticism about the survey

The human rights activists are not convinced that there will be a change. According to them, the reforms of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, focusing on improving the status of women in a traditionally patriarchal society, are only PR designed for a fallen audience and in reality do not lead to tangible progress. The prince is suspected of taking harsh measures against those who stand up. He also likes the newspaper Damla Chukdho.

As if that were not enough, women suffer in the hands of the male guardianship system. Here we see how women who do not have male guardians and are in orphanages can be violently attacked by the police for demanding their basic needs, said Lina al-Hazllov, head of communications at ALQST and sister Ludajn Hazllov, a well-known activist for women the first jailed for protesting against the destruction of women for women in Saudi Arabia.

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