Suzuki Vitara smoothed out wrinkles and received more modern technologies


The fourth generation of the Japanese SUV has undergone a second facelift, which brings a slightly revised exterior, more modern multimedia and another load of safety assistants.

Last year, the Vitara was the 46th most frequently registered new car in the Czech Republic with 928 units, it was the second most popular model within the Suzuki brand after the larger S-Cross (1,391 cars). The fourth generation from the end of 2014 forgot its off-road roots and went to the city, which greatly expanded its audience.

Despite almost ten years on the market, the current version is still not about to take a well-deserved rest. After the 2018 facelift, Suzuki prepared a second rejuvenation treatment. You can recognize it by the revised graphics of the main headlights, radiator grille in piano lacquer and other front fenders.

The paint palette has also changed, offering five one-color and five two-color combinations. The new color is Sphere Blue Pearl with a roof in Cosmic Black Pearl metallic paint and a single-tone gray metallic Titan Dakr Gray Pearl paint.

In the interior, we can find more storage boxes, but the basic shapes have hardly changed. A panoramic roof with sliding segments is available as an option. The multimedia system received a new display with a diagonal of nine inches, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless interfaces are a matter of course. The facelift also brought the connection of the vitara with a mobile phone application, thanks to which the driver can check the location of the car, or set a certain area, after which the car leaves, the phone informs you.

It also reached security assistants. Emergency braking now relies on dual sensors with greater range and faster obstacle detection. The system registers other vehicles, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians, which may not be directly in front of the car, but may, for example, be approaching diagonally, thereby avoiding collisions in the opposite direction. Another innovation is the monitoring of driver fatigue using a camera in the interior. The adaptive cruise control is connected to the reading of road signs, so it can automatically adjust the speed according to the current need. Unfortunately, the facelift also brought an incredibly annoying speeding warning.

The engine palette has not changed in any way. As with the older version, you have a choice between a hybrid 15-litre and a turbocharged 14-litre. The first unit relies on the cooperation of a naturally aspirated four-cylinder 1.5 with 75 kW with an electric motor with 24 kilowatts (there is also a 140V Li-Ion battery and motor-generator), while the system output reaches 85 kilowatts. An automated six-speed manual is standard.

The 1.4 BoosterJet petrol engine with 48V mild-hybrid still has 95 kilowatts and it is still possible to combine it with front or all-wheel drive. The quad bike with four modes (Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock) is also available for the hybrid Suzuki Vitara.

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