The legendary casino in Las Vegas is going to the ground. It has hosted celebrities as well as Agent 007

The legendary casino in Las Vegas is going to the ground. It has hosted celebrities as well as Agent 007
The legendary casino in Las Vegas is going to the ground. It has hosted celebrities as well as Agent 007

I heard that the Tropicana Hotel is quite comfortable for Sean Connery as Agent 007 in 1971’s Diamonds Are Out.

This was the Tropicana Hotel at its peak. It was built in 1957, when Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, had only one hundred thousand inhabitants. Around the future pearl of the pulsating boulevard The Strip was pou.

The manicured lawns and opulent elegance earned the Tropicana Hotel the nickname Tiffany of the Strip. At the entrance was a tall fountain in the shape of a tulip, mosaic tiles and mahogany paneled walls.

Today, however, stand on the corner of The Strip, with its boulevard named after the hotel, and around you there are sky-high hotels and empty complexes, in which the Tropicana not only does not stand out, but even falls a little behind

The artists at the hotel excelled…

At the time, the Tropicana Hotel casino was famous for the Rat Pack. Under the name that scares you like a rat, an association of spade artists has hung out. His informal leaders included actors Humphrey Bogart or Dean Martin or musicians and singers Frank Sinatra, Nat Cole or Sammy Davis Jr. And the mascots of this Rat Pack were famous women like Marilyn Monroe or Shirley MacLaine.

The hotel’s sl was the home of famous shows, for example the Folies Bergère, the closest bc show in the city. The nude-style revue without imports from Paa featured elaborate costumes and stage sets, original music by a live orchestra, dancers, a magic show, acrobats and comedians.

…and psobili muffins

In addition to being the cultural center of the hot city, as Las Vegas is known, the Tropicana was also a link with organized crime. The connection was the famous muffin Frank Costello.

He was photographed just a week after the grand opening of the Tropicana in New York. In his coat pocket, the police found a piece of pepper with a fine Tropicana insert and instructions for money to be collected for Costello’s female associates. In this way, the Tropicana found itself in the history of American organized crime.

In the 70s of the last century, the big fallout surrounding the Tropicana was a mafia-related fraud involving gambling games in Las Vegas for a total of no more than two billion dollars. Only the charges linked to Tropicana led to five convictions.

Baseball city casino

At that time, the construction of a hotel with hundreds of rooms in two buildings cost 15 million dollars. But that hotel jet didn’t have two eyes that now make up its silhouette. And it didn’t even have the green-amber glass ceiling his casino was famous for. It was installed in 1979 and cost a million dollars.

The investment in the successor to the Tropicana, the baseball stadium, will range in dimensions two times higher. The stadium, which is part of the city’s sports and leisure center, will cost 1.5 billion dollars (35 billion crowns).

From 2028, when the new stadium should be completed, baseball will be added to the two main sports in which Las Vegas has the highest number of players. At the moment, baseball is represented in Las Vegas only by the Aviators, a second-league team. After the completion of the stadium, the team of the MLB, the Oakland Athletic, is brought to the city.

Next to the Tropicana are the stadiums of the American football team Las Vegas Raiders (who moved to Vegas in 2020 to Oakland, California) and the hockey team Vegas Golden Knights, who managed to bring the much-valued Stanley Cup to the city in the five years of its existence.

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