The children from Ulica are rarely seen. It has been since birth


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Viewers of the endless series Ulice are bothered by something. Out of boredom, they start looking for problems even where there are none, or where there are, but they have a reasonable explanation. Lately, for example, the fact that child actors almost never appear on stage has been bothersome. Instead, they are left alone outside their roommates’ doors.

The children hide from the cameras in their rooms

Children are an integral part Street, some even from birth. They grew up with her, just like the viewers at the screens. There were times when they played relatively important roles in the story, for example František, Ema and Mirek. They were even the main characters of the summer comedy Street: Big Three, which was created based on the motifs of the series. Even today, there are children’s characters who Street they manage to grab a piece of space for themselves, e.g. Vojta Mareček with his friend Milošek, Lexík Nykl or the slightly older Michal and Šimon.

Still, there are rumors among the audience that Street nowadays she prefers to lock most children in their rooms rather than introduce them to the story. This applies especially to little Karlík, the son of Kryštof and Karla, who is locked up alone in a room where we cannot see him most of the time. It has a purely practical reason. Kustić, as the boy’s nickname sounds, is played by twins, one of whom is more comfortable in front of the cameras than the other. And so one is not always lucky enough to film with such small children without complications. The creative team understandably prioritizes the well-being and peace of the child actors and tries not to overburden them.

Unfortunately, this then results in that unbelievable story, when we think that children stuck alone behind closed doors playing without their parents, although in reality they are behind the scenes with someone watching over and entertaining them. Even though this minor flaw in beauty has an understandable cause, some viewers do not forgive it: “I understand they’re not on the set, but they could go there or be transported without the eternal ‘go to the bathroom’ or some other parting comment.”

Teenagers today only know computers and tablets

In connection with this, one more topic appears, namely that most children and adolescents in Street spends time on tablets or computers. They lock themselves in their room, play games and don’t know anything else. Lexik used to be quite addicted to the applications that his dad had on his mobile phone, but he switched to Drozdy, so now he fills his free time with playing in nature. Vojta again got into a football club, which will probably have some flies…

Even for Šimon and Michal, it wouldn’t be fair to say that they just sit around playing computer games. After Iva’s serious car accident, Michal tries to give his family at least a little relief by going to part-time work again and preparing for high school entrance exams. In addition, he tries to divide his free time between playing and spending time with his girlfriend Žofka.

Even Šimon is not as addicted to the computer as he used to be in the recent past. On the contrary, in the latest episodes he admits that he would need a proper hobby in his life, something that he would really enjoy and that he could possibly pursue professionally in the future. When Judge Herman asked him what he would like to do one day, he could not answer him. The last time he stood on a scooter was a few months ago, he went free running mainly because of Valeria. But what would he really enjoy? Whether it comes down to it or not, some of the viewer complaints seriously seem a little laughable.

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