Summer festivals of early music will dream. They will also perform Portuguese fado

Summer festivals of early music will dream. They will also perform Portuguese fado
Summer festivals of early music will dream. They will also perform Portuguese fado

Pehldka, in the center of which is the music of old stylistic analogies, wants to reveal that without visions and dreams, an artistic work could not be created. Listeners can once again look for treasures from the music archive, non-traditional musical instruments and original programs.

Leave the concerts singing and playing angels from the old triptych from the end of the 15th century, creating the atmosphere of the hall concert of music-loving elites of the nobility, which included the works of Mozart and Beethoven, the presentation of brilliant works by the author from the famous Naples, it was not for nothing that the conservatory was called of Europe and so give space to exotic repertoire, such as the emotionally charged fado and the sensual dance called lundum, sums up the dramaturgy of the festival’s founder and its chief dramaturg Jana Semerdov.

The festival will be opened by the Czech-Vlaman project of the Oltremontano Antwerpen and Tiburtina Ensemble, which is based on Hans Memling’s famous triptych Bh Otec with Singing and Playing Angels. At this heavenly concert, the artists will present a beautiful reconstruction of all the instruments depicted in the triptych.

The Wrocawsk Orkiestry Barokowe will perform in the classicist and early romantic repertoire, the Talenti Vulcanici ensemble, the voice of the Neapolitan style in Italy during the 18th century. A concert by the German ensemble of historical wind instruments Capella de la Torre will connect the peaks of Czech and German artistic scenes, or the evening’s soloist will be Czech soprano Hana Blakov.

The concert of the Portuguese group Os Msicos do Tejo will be right into the exotic atmosphere of the Portuguese kingdom in the 18th and at the turn of the 19th centuries. Soprano Ana Vieira Leite will perform in riches from Portuguese baroque operas. Together with the foreign musician Marc Oliveira, they will perform such a popular song of Modinha and Fado. The Basque ensemble Euskal Barrok Ensemble will then present the sound of the Turkish lute and the quinternal centerpiece to the audience.

A tribute to the late soprano

The celebration of the festival’s 25th birthday culminated in the ABC Theatre. Georg Friedrich Handel’s pastoral opera Acis and Galatea is a picture of life in love and peace, which cannot be destroyed even by jealousy and where death does not mean the end. Pbh odprv ptice slist, actors from the ensemble Buchty a lutky and the Collegium Marianum orchestra. It is presented anew in memory of the late soprano Patricia Janekov, who played the nymph Galatea in the premiere of the 2017 studio production.

Tickets can be reserved and purchased online at The festival center at GALERIE 1 at tpnsk 47, Prague 1 is open every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is closed on 5/1, 5/8 and 7/3.

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