The Golden Swan: The extraordinary series says goodbye to loyal viewers


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If you are one of the loyal fans of the period series and despite the attempt to annoy the viewers by moving the currently broadcast third series to a later broadcast time, you have maintained your favor with this project, you certainly did not miss the news about the unconventional big meeting in Prague.

For many television viewers, the past weekend became a long-awaited event. They could come and see for themselves a number of actors who appeared in the series. The big meeting was not the first, recently the creators let the fans literally see the atmosphere of that time and opened for them the studios where the filming took place. There was enormous interest in the inspection “at the scene of the crime”. Perhaps this led the creators to the idea of ​​​​doing another meeting for fans and something more.

The presenters of the entire event were chosen very subtly. Who wouldn’t want to see Irena Kučerová, Antonia Adamová and Helena Gruberová, how they are having a friendly time together and smiling at everyone around them. Neither of them was smiling in the series, and there was no hint of friendship.

Said trio Kristýna Ryška, Šárka Krausová and Sarah Haváčová were not the only stars to meet. The event was supported by a number of other actors, for example Petr Stach, Natálie Golovchenko, Marta Dancingerová, Ema Businská, Jitka Sedláčková, Beáta Kaňoková, Kamila Trnková, Lucie Štěpánková and more.

Beáta Kaňoková | Source: TV Nova

And who did the passionate fans miss the most?

After Šárka Krausová in one program she promised to attend the meeting as well Jaroslav He danced, it ended up being disappointing for some of the ladies that they didn’t get to get a good close-up look at the villainous Gruber’s representatives. Of course, the comments revolved around the fact that he was afraid to come. He did well because the delighted women would trample him.

Of the characters that were most watched, he didn’t even come to see Adam Vacula. Rather, his girlfriend took him to Slovakia so that she didn’t have to share him with a crowd of female fans. It was very pleasant for the audience to meet with Kryštof Bartošwho was just arrested by the Gestapo in the series as Martin Kantor, and the actor had a special effect Petr Stach, representative of the paralyzed Rudolph, who looked very healthy.

Petr Stach | Source: TV Nova

Even the new mother did not miss the event Beata Kaňoková (serial Eva), who also boasted a recently born offspring. She was also at the event Marta Dancingerováwhich is still mourned in the series as Bára by Adam Vacula (in the role of Petr Kučera). It is also worth reminding that Bára will not wait until the last episode to return, but will jump into the story now. But… even this time it won’t be a completely romantic meeting with the love of your life.

In addition to unforgettable experiences, fans of the Golden Swan series could also take home a piece of the department store. The proceeds from the sale of clothes, accessories, glasses, furniture, etc., which appeared in the series, went to a good cause for children in orphanages.

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