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One of the series stars is returning to television screens. The series is accompanied by a number of interesting facts – some events connected with it were even researched so that its fans had as much available information as possible.

A large part of the plot is set in a fictitious house in Bagounova Street. The owner of the house is Mr. Nerudný (Miloš Nedbal), who has four sons, but although he gave them heroic names (Achilles / Josef Bláha, Paris / Josef Abrhám, Hektor / Vladimír Ráž and Patrokles / Jiří Adamíra), they are a disappointment to him.

A large number of little people live in the big house, and their colorful and dramatic destinies are the backbone of the series. The period of the protectorate was a difficult time, and the screenwriters Jan Otčenášek and Oldřich Daněk were able to masterfully show it in the destinies of ordinary people.

Although both authors of the script tried to choose a non-confrontational topic during the time of normalization, which the censors would let pass, the filming was not without problems. According to surviving documents, the series was originally supposed to be much longer, but because it was not sufficiently pro-regime, it was ended prematurely.

Nedbal, Abrhám, Ráž, source: Jaroslav Trousil / © Czech television

The fate of the fifth episode, which is called The Boccaccio Bandage, was completely unbelievable. The censors didn’t like it much and they lacked the warm welcome of the Red Army liberators. Therefore, the fifth episode had to be filmed more tendentially, and thus the celebration of the liberation of the troops from the Soviet Union was created under the name Barricade in the next street. Currently, of course, the series is broadcast again with the original version of the fifth episode.

It was the early ending of the series that was never officially justified, which is why the series was shrouded in a bit of mystery and research was done to find out what could have been the cause. One of the reasons, which is considered strong enough, was the return of Přemko Tvaroh (Václav Postránecký) from the air force service in England.

The series is highly regarded for its authentic portrayal of life in the Protectorate. The inner hall of the house, which is the heart of the series, was built in the studio in Barrandová and is still considered one of the biggest series decorations.

Vinklář, Hlaváčová, source: Jaroslav Trousil / © Czech Television

František Filip always had a lucky hand when choosing actors. Even the cast includes a number of actors who were also in the series Chalupáři. Even Jiří Sovák, Vladimír Menšík, Jana Hlaváčová, Josef Vinklář, Jiří Adamíra or Alena Vránová embellished the cast.

To be seen from September 4 on CT and also on iVysílání.

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