The foundation beam of the Last House of Adolf Loos was attacked with an axe


Including Marie Szadkowská, the curator of the Müller villa and co-author of the idea to revive Loos’s unique, pea-green wooden building, the organizer of the Iconic Houses international conference Natascha Drabbe, the head of the Tugendhat villa Iveta Černá or the greatest living expert on Loos’s work, the Austrian professor Burkhardt Rukschcio.

The participants did not knock on the base beam, but cut it directly on the base plate near the museum with a straight carpenter’s axe. The last house of Adolf Loos, which was to be built in 1932 for the only daughter of the builder František Müller and his wife Milady, is due to be completed next year.

Photo: Milan Malíček, Law

Director of the National Technical Museum, Karel Ksandr.

The ceremony was also attended by young architects who, a few years ago, while still students at CTU, worked on Loos’s original plans and drawings from the interwar period. Adolf Loos was already ill.

“The primary source was a book interview in which he talks about himself and his work at the end of his life. Some parts were funny. He also talked about plans for this last house. The original idea was a cheap wooden building for a workers’ colony, but the investor František Müller ran out of money due to the financial crisis,” explained Dominika Šebestová, co-author of the construction project.

The world-renowned architectural visionary, called upon and cursed by contemporary critics, wanted to apply his well-thought-out Raumplan in this building on an unusually small area for him. “This project will open not only a completely new era, but also a discussion about the phenomenon of iconic houses,” added Natascha Drabbe, founder and director of the Iconic Houses global network. She handed the director Karl Ksandra a key with the label of this prestigious organization: “I hope that when you open the house, it will be with this key.”

The last house of Adolf Loos will be built in Prague


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