There is disorder in supply, there are 270 parking spaces for 24,000 establishments

There is disorder in supply, there are 270 parking spaces for 24,000 establishments
There is disorder in supply, there are 270 parking spaces for 24,000 establishments

About six dozen companies doing business in the city center were contacted by the chamber in the course of a survey, which was about their satisfaction with the availability of parking spaces for both employees and business establishments.

Although company vehicles can park in designated places, for example, there are only 270 of them in Prague 1, where there are 24,000 establishments. All in all, there are about 12,000 special walls for about 95,000 establishments, said PHK chairman Petr Michal, adding that, according to the survey, Polish companies would like to expand the city.

A total of 71 percent of the businessmen interviewed do not have space reserved for staff at their establishment. Of those who do, half consider them insufficient. In the case of parking lots at the office, 41 percent of respondents rated the offer as insufficient.

Special asomra

From practice in the streets of Prague, it is clear that the biggest problem for criminals is that they sometimes go to the designated places, not their insufficient number.

The definition of toll booths is so general that towing or fining a vehicle that stops there, and we are not sure if this designation applies to it or not, is a known risk, namely Zdenk Lokaj, an expert from the Faculty of Transport at BUT.

Still, the best thing to do is to fine cars that are parked for the maximum amount of time. It’s just very annoying if the page doesn’t spend tens of minutes starting and stopping the time.

That’s why Prague 1 is testing a digital blackboard with an asomra for four years, which records the duration of the visible darkness. You can find them at Nrodn td in front of Palce Metro, at Nov scny, at Vclavský nmst, in Splen, at Smetanov nbe and in tpnsk street, together with a system of twenty parking spaces.

If, according to the city authorities, the crowd would decrease, some ideas would still wait for a limited time, even for a few hours. Another problem is that the system is not connected to the city police.

In some areas, the rate is disrespectful and 80 percent. So only one out of five cars that stop here exceeds the allowed time, says Lokaj. Because of this, couples have nowhere to park and then usually leave their vans flashing on the sidewalk, which is unpleasant and dangerous for Praany.

Vojtch Ryvola, the Prague 1 councilor for transport, considers it another problem that the streets and parking lots of his city are crowded with vehicles, which, although they call themselves transport vehicles, are essentially a service development.

70,000 delivery vehicles pass through here daily, but only 15 percent of them are deliveries to restaurants, bakeries and the like. The rest are personal cars with food delivery or shopping, and they pass through the center twenty times a day, Ryvola believes.

Zsobovai in blue stamp

The law of the rules for construction is also included in the parking reform, which has been passed around the city streets and currently the municipal editors are working on its final version.

The amendment should regulate the fifth price per square meter in blue zones, while the new square meter should always be set by the city council. There should also be a limit on the number of parking lots that would require credits from residents for the wall.

According to the proposal, owners of vehicles could also pay for short-term parking, and that would be for 15 or 30 minutes. The virtual class will bind ideas in a master application.

I don’t think it’s a good idea. If we venture to Prague again for 1 dog day, we will often find a free place in the blue sign. Such a change would not achieve anything at all and might even burn things down. Those places should be reserved, there should be enough of them and they should also be suitably distributed around the city, Lokaj explains. Blue stamps should only belong to residents, he added.

Ryvola is against it. It is most effective to search for the maximum period of time in the case of a job, my advice.

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