This building looks like someone knitted a giant pom pom


The office campus on the famous Sunset Boulevard will grow on a plot of land with an area of ​​8,000 m2. The authors of the proposal are architects from the globally recognized studio Foster + Partners, which is headed by Norman Foster.

The local development company The Star LLC, which is an investor in the construction, presented a revised form of the planned building in the second half of March. The architects state that it will provide large usable areas on each of the floors, which will also be complemented by generous outdoor areas. The offices will be intended for companies from the highest classes, which will be offered supremely luxurious spaces boasting an uninterrupted 360° view with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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A distinctive feature of the building will be strips of outdoor gardens rising from street level to the top floor, where the rooftop restaurant will be. “The office space seamlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor with exceptional conditions for collaboration and a tasteful environment that allows for contemplation and innovation,” promises Maggie Miracle, head of the development company.

Norman Foster, founder of the architecture firm, added: “This is the true embodiment of the workplace of the future, nurturing community, well-being and collaboration, with green social terraces that will bring the city and its incredibly creative industries to life.”

Team leader Nigel Dancey, who directly designed the building, expects it to soon become a clear landmark of the city thanks to its distinctive and easily remembered shape.

The circular arrangement of the floors itself, which ensures that daylight and fresh air will flow into the building throughout the day, will provide people in the offices with a healthy and above all pleasant working environment. The green cascades will then contribute to improving the air in the immediate vicinity of the building and help with the natural cooling of its interior.

At street level, the building will offer not only a public space suitable for various meetings, but also an arcade full of restaurants, spaces for a gallery and a theater. In addition, passers-by will be able to pass the time by watching a giant LED screen facing the street.


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