Tourists took Lednica by storm on the Easter weekend


Already Good Friday, which ended up being the day with the best weather from the long weekend, filled Lednice with tourists. Saturday was a stress test for the cashier and castle guide, and the onslaught continued on Sunday.

“On Sunday before 4:00 p.m., three thousand people broke the interest again. We are full. At the castle, the restaurants are full, everything. We went through a stress test,” commented Ivana Holásková, castellan of the castle, on the Easter weekend.

In Lednice, they have had access to the castle since the beginning of February, when, after a month-long break for cleaning and gardening, they reopened the greenhouse and the main visitor route. The Easter weekend brought the opening of other tour circuits at the castle, as well as both offers for a tour of the minaret and learning about the history of the man-made ruins of Janova Castle.

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Even the boatmen report the lock as open

The warm weekend weather, albeit marked by Sahara sand, attracted a lot of visitors. Even the Apollo Pond Campground was filled with campers at the start of the long weekend. People also went on a boat trip.

“We already set sail last week, but only on the route from the power plant to the minaret. On Friday, we also started the cruises on the second route from the minaret to Janohrad, and this marked the start of the twenty-sixth season of our cruises in the castle park,” Jaroslav Martinek from 1. Plavební told Práv.

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The park near the castle in Lednice turned into a busy corso at the weekend

The boatmen started the new season with the same line-up of boats as last year. But another ship will join the fleet in May. It comes from the Baťova canal from the Slovak port of Skalica, where it stood unused. After the necessary adjustments, it will float to the surface of Černá Dyje. The capacity of thirty people is suitable for sailing from the minaret to Janohrad.

The fridge has raised the entrance fee

The new season brought an increase in entrance fees to South Moravian castles. The price of nine jumped by twenty crowns, two went up by forty crowns, and the biggest jump is in Lednice. People pay an extra sixty crowns for the basic circuit in Lednice, now it costs three hundred crowns. If the visitor decides to see everything that the monument has to offer, then with the greenhouse, the minaret and the nearby Janohrad, they will pay a total of 1,520 crowns per adult.

And that does not include the price of a possible boat trip through the park, or a carriage ride, or even a parking fee. “Monuments need money, nothing can be done about it. No one scolded and people came,” said the castellan woman, adding that although the higher entrance fee is not a pleasant step, it is necessary.

“We have been observing for some time that people are considering what to spend their money on, but they still want to travel. Save elsewhere. They come, look at the castle, take a boat ride, and then sit on a bench in the park and eat the prepared steak. Yes, cutting board tourism is kind of starting to make a comeback. Tourists are probably looking to save on food, but they still want to indulge in experiences,” says Martinek.

He understands the increase in entrance fees. Maybe it should also serve as a traffic control. “Lednice is not an inflatable village, the onslaught of tourists is barely enough,” he said.

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