Hugo Semler’s house will be opened to visitors for the last time before the renovation at the end of April

Hugo Semler’s house will be opened to visitors for the last time before the renovation at the end of April
Hugo Semler’s house will be opened to visitors for the last time before the renovation at the end of April

The last opportunity to see the still unreconstructed interior by the world-famous architect Adolf Loos v bywallEm houseE Hugo Semler at Klatovská 19 will be available to participants of guided tours in Saturday the 20th and SunEli April 21. The building will then begin to prepare for complete reconstruction. There will be a new experiential exhibition on the subject of the liberation of southwestern Bohemia by allied troops. It will also include the restored interior of the original music salon with Mrrlay downym pandnskym lounge and janddaily.

“In the budget, we have an amount of 296 million crowns ready for the complete reconstruction of Klatovská 19. I am convinced that it is an investment that makes sense. It is not only an architecturally valuable apartment by Loos, but the history of Pilsen was also written in this house. And where else to commemorate historical moments than right here? I am very much looking forward to the transformation of the entire building and I invite you to the last tours before the reconstruction,” said Mayor Roman Zarzycký.

“Hugo Semler’s house is one of the two preserved interiors in Pilsen designed by the architect Adolf Loos, where guided tours were occasionally held several times a year, although it has not yet been reconstructed. The music room with walls lined with beautiful fantastiko marble and the built-in furniture veneered with elm wood looks absolutely stunning even in its original, one might say dusty, condition. I’m already looking forward to them shining in their full beauty,” says Deputy Mayor for Tourism Lucie Kantorová.

Today, the rather inconspicuous house at Klatovská třída 19 was created by joining two houses at the behest of the prominent Pilsen industrialist Šimon Semler. His business included trading in construction timber and processing wire products in a factory in Vochov near Stříbra. He decided to set up his company’s headquarters at an address in the center of Pilsen, on the exuberantly expanding Klatovská třída.

On the ground floor of the house there were offices with a meeting room, followed by the family’s private spaces one floor above. And it was there that the interiors designed by the architect Adolf Loos were preserved, in the form of a marble music lounge for the family of Šimon’s eldest son Hugo, who decided to stay at this address. His younger brother Oskar later decided to rebuild the house at Klatovská 110, today known as Semler’s residence.

“You will learn about what gramophones or RAF pilots have in common with the family on the tours on April 20 and 21, after which this house full of history will be closed to the public for an extended period of time to be presented as the seat of the Museum of the Liberation of Pilsen after extensive reconstruction. Magdalena Černá, manager of the Adolf Loos Plzeň project, invites you to a tour.

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