Erasmus+ program. A visit from Germany to the Teplice High School

Erasmus+ program. A visit from Germany to the Teplice High School
Erasmus+ program. A visit from Germany to the Teplice High School

As part of the Erasmus+ program financed by a grant from the European Union and support from the Czech-German Future Fund, a project meeting was held in March, to which 8 pupils and 2 teachers from the partner school Gymnasium Christian-Ernestinum in Bayreuth came. 10 pupils from classes 6.E and 6.A, including three teachers from Gymnázia Teplice, also participated in the “Living Friendship” project.

A visit from Germany to the Teplice High School, as part of the Erasmus+ program

| Photo: Courtesy of Ilona Kuboňová

The program began on Sunday, March 17, with the arrival of German students in Teplice, getting to know the Czech students, as well as “ice breaking” activities. The evening ended with communication over a joint dinner.

On Monday, the pupils of the Teplice High School showed the German students around all the school buildings, showing them the Beuron Chapel, the didactic exhibition and the school’s biopark. Guests also had the opportunity to watch a German language lesson. In the afternoon, the Czech pupils prepared a tour of Teplice with interactive tasks.

The next day was spent exploring Germany. The foreign participants prepared for the students of the Teplice Gymnasium presentations about their school, the city and Bavaria, as well as a tasting of local specialties. Then they took part in a ceramic workshop where they created clay products. After the ordeal, they could enjoy the beauty of the Ossetian monastery and then spend the evening bowling together.

On Wednesday, everyone went on a trip to Prague. The Czech pupils prepared a tour of the capital, and they also had time for an individual walk through the streets.

On the last day, they headed below the surface, more precisely to the Martin tunnel in Krupka. They ended the week-long stay with a joint dinner, where they said goodbye after a busy program, because the next day the German students were already traveling back home.

I think that the whole Czech-German project was a success. Students could get to know their peers and experience new experiences not only in communication in foreign languages, but also in the organization of a project meeting. We are looking forward to the next event in April in Bayreuth.

Recorded by: Marie Krutská

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