The Czech Republic is the third best country for traveling by train in Europe

The Czech Republic is the third best country for traveling by train in Europe
The Czech Republic is the third best country for traveling by train in Europe

According to The Telegraph, the Czech Republic is the third best country for train travel in Europe. Among its advantages are the picturesqueness of the country and the size of the local railway network.

The comparison deals with a total of 15 European countries. The main evaluation criteria included the size of the railway network, the punctuality of the trains, the number of beds in the cars, the quality of the station and the price of tickets. The first place was taken by Austria, which scored mainly due to the low number of delays, the picturesque landscape around the tracks and the extensiveness of its railway network. France, the latter, won points especially for the beauty of its stations.

March 1, 2023 6:00 AM

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The Czech Republic received a total of 40 points out of a possible 60. “With 5,863 kilometers of tracks and an area of ​​approximately 30,450 square kilometers, the Czech Republic has the second highest density of railways in the world (after Switzerland). More than a third of them are electrified, but there are no high-speed lines,” writes The Telegraph. The newspaper also praised the Czech Republic for the appearance of the local railway stations and the quality of the dining cars.

Among other things, the authors highlighted the high punctuality of Czech trains, which, according to them, is higher than in neighboring Germany. According to the newspaper, Czechs also use their trains a lot, which proves their reliability. Frequent connections from Prague to Dresden, Berlin, Vienna or Bratislava were also a plus. On the other hand, the biggest shortcoming of Czech railways is their price, which is much higher compared to the average wages in Western Europe.

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