Landscapes of Light in Pilsen is presented by Japanese visual artist Yasuhiro Chida

Landscapes of Light in Pilsen is presented by Japanese visual artist Yasuhiro Chida
Landscapes of Light in Pilsen is presented by Japanese visual artist Yasuhiro Chida

Seven impressive, minimalist light installations, including three in the world premiere, make historical spaces and valuable museum exhibits stand out. Until April 21, 2024, the exhibition Light Scapes (Landscapes of Light) presents the work of the renowned Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida at the Museum of Church Art of the Pilsen Diocese in Pilsen.

Yasuhiro Chida’s works explore themes such as space and nothingness, silence and sound, light and darkness, stillness and movement. His installation will charm both discerning professionals in the field of visual arts and those who like to be caught up and carried away by the power of contemporary art without necessarily having any deeper awareness of it. As part of the exhibition, there will be both guided tours for the public and creative workshops for schools.

Yasuhiro Chida is one of the most important representatives of light art today. He regularly exhibits in Europe, Asia and the USA. He is not exhibiting in Pilsen for the first time either, his works were on display at the previous editions of the BLIK BLIK festival of light and art. “In 2018, I worked outside my country for the first time, and it was right here in Pilsen. Since then I have participated in about a hundred exhibitions around the world, created many works and perfected them. Now I am happy to return with the fact that I can present here my key works from twenty years of work and three new works created directly for the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art,” says its author Yasuhiro Chida about the exhibition.

The Light Scapes exhibition is located in the premises of the former monastery in Františkánská Street, which today serves as the Museum of Church Art. Visitors may perceive this place as an oasis of calm in the middle of the busy city center. Yasuhiro chose several places in the museum (among them, for example, the summer refectory or a former monk’s cell) where he placed his works. This connection of historical spaces and contemporary art creates a powerful experience. “The building of the former Minorite monastery still offers the opportunity to visit the premises that were created very soon after the founding of the royal city of Pilsen. The connection of these unique spaces with light installations by the Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida will give this sacred building a new and hitherto unimaginable dimension.

The author presents his works in the part of the monastery, which is used as the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art of the Pilsen Diocese. Therefore, the exhibition will also include the exhibits of this museum, whose traditional installation will be made special by the art of Yasuhiro Chida,” welcomes the connection of historical spaces with contemporary art, director of the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen, Jiří Orna.

Yasuhiro Chida works with the Japanese concept of “ma”. This could be translated as “interspace” and can be imagined as a ray of light passing through a crack in a door. “Ma” manifests itself in architecture, art, communication and life in general. “Ma” is the silence between notes that makes music, the pause between words that gives them weight, the free space between individual objects that makes them stand out. “Yasuhiro Chida wants to surprise and surprise us with his works, to make us stop and think. Chida creates new spaces that give rise to new emotions. We experience the Japanese “ma”, we focus on the space around us and find out how the awareness of what surrounds us changes us inside,” explains exhibition curator Adéla Klimková about the Light Scapes experience.

As part of the exhibition, there will be accompanying programs – a guided tour of the exhibition (Wednesday 10.4. from 16:30) and a family morning (Sunday 21.4. from 10:00). There is also a program for the second grade of primary schools and secondary schools, which deals with the topics of information overload, information hygiene and mindfulness.

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