Confusions and turns on the road. The repair of the Mileta intersection has started in Hradec

Confusions and turns on the road. The repair of the Mileta intersection has started in Hradec
Confusions and turns on the road. The repair of the Mileta intersection has started in Hradec

When, on Thursday the 21st, the workers pulled down the trolley line and queues started to form on the road ring road, fears began to spread in the city and on the social streets as to how the city would cope. Back then, it was just a small fag.

Fuck in hell! That’s how you could sum up the pspvky, which started to fill the room from early morning. Right away, the advice for motorists should be heard that the Milet dog must be near the university hospital, but only travel, for example, from Labsk Kotlina to Moravsk Pedmst or from Beneova in the direction of the center: you will be faster in the first place by bike.

Unpleasant news, there was a lot of confusion and chaos on the road, which caused the entrance from Benevia to be closed around the mailbox to Milet. This shortcut to the panel road is definitely a thing of the past, it won’t go anywhere until the end of 2026.

Like vn?! I take my children by bike here every day. So we go back to park and from today we walk, Luk Novotn reacted with surprise to the damage to the entrance. A similar situation prevailed behind the Moravian Bridge. Hradeck street from Mileta and the entrance to the university campus is completely closed for at least one year.

The problem is that many hundreds of cars need to get to the area of ​​special, medium and tall bikes in the streets of 17. November and Akademika Heyrovskho. Passengers of these cars can now only get inside via the minimally frequented link along Botanick street around the fire station. The street immediately turned into one large parking lot, where cars stand on both sides in the mud.

Better not from the dormitory to the Moravian Bridge

And because the public transport lines have to go around Brnnsk Street from the roundabout at the Na Kotli high-speed rail, at one point in the morning there was a 300-meter-long queue from the junction at the Moravskho bridge to the Orlen station.

Cultivation of Mileta

Not really 634 million crowns with a sweaty day last until the end of the year 2026. Podl se SD, Hradec Krlov and Krlovhradeck region.

Cultivation will take place during operation. idii, pedestrians and cyclists have to deal with limited. The dog kiovatka leads the traffic I dream of a streakthe changes also affected public transport routes and routes.

I walk and cycle during traffic peaks advice information in orange vests. For transit tube places along the highway in the section between Opatovice nad Labem and kiovatka KD you don’t have to have personal or commercial vehicles stamp length.

Current information, maps and details are available on the Hradec Krlov website.

A hatch will be created where there will be an underpass under each arm. For PM turning right, there will be new bypasses, new public transport stops and lighting. In the first stage, which should be finished by May of the fifth year, it will be connected to Bene’s road, later it will also come to the heat pipe along Zborovsk Street or the building of the Kaufland department store.

And for a long time, many cyclists, who were used to riding around Mileta’s critical points, will ride this way for a long time. Kiovatka is closed not only for bicycles, but also for pedestrians. This makes it very complicated, for example, to get to the university hospital, but also to the city. Trails are closed to Milet in all directions.

In addition to the works of reconstruction and detours. Pedestrians may or may not have to go around the hospital, dog and bicycle in Akademika Heyrovskho Street or the university campus. There is an improvised footpath and public transport stops at the OMV railway station, which the construction workers prepared in the run-up.

Where is the construction industry?

Crossing Miletu on the city ring road is maintained only outside the road with one lane in each direction. The worst situation is in the right-hand turning lane from the U Soutoku bridge to the hospital, where convoys are stopped even by rushing ambulances.

On the contrary, there is perhaps no room at the entrance from Zborovsk street, which, perhaps paradoxically, was helped by the closure from Bene’s time. A good start is that traffic from the roundabout at the railway station did not collapse.

The main problem was that some people did not bear the fact that while the closure system blocked the traffic lanes, entrances and entrances, they did not see the construction activity in the corner. The debtors are here. For now, the focus is on the demolition of the large building in front of the hospital.

I don’t see construction activity anywhere, Vladislav Mandys was standing on the social walls. You wish you could see him, we are in echch. In France, you drive on the roads even at night, here they will be upset about it and in the end they won’t stop, replied Karolko Plach. except that it doesn’t work like in Japan, that they would have it done within a week, stated Luk Janeek. You can go to Vcarska, there they will also make a roundabout from the junction in a week and be sure that it takes a long time, wrote Dominik Jank.

Self-help online cam

Not only for those who are anxiously waiting to see what’s going on at Mileta’s place, the one who installed an online camera on the panel in Heyrovskho Street prepared a great news.

Because we are in traffic hell soon, the guys and I prepared a camera for you, watching the whole Milet road. Anyone can ask me at any time, just use your mobile phone, how the convoys will turn out, and adjust your route accordingly to avoid Milet, Pavel Vlek said on his social media.

Maps are provided by © SHOCart and the author of OpenStreetMap. The SHOCart company is a traditional publisher of tourist and cycling maps and atlases. Things on

Kiovatka Mileta could thus avoid at least one transit traffic, for which routes outside Hradec Krlov are being prepared. Idios who decide to go around the city on roads D11 and D35 in the section between kiovatka near KD and Opatovice nad Labem, moreover, I don’t have to have a driving license.

The change in Milety has been a big inconvenience for ideas for less than two years and a currently unknown challenge for the editors of sine and dailies (SD).

Sometimes I even thought that we would not be able to prepare and implement the building, but then it happened. It is a very famous building for the city. It just won’t be easy, because it will be implemented during traffic and the intensity of traffic is huge out there, and it will have a negative impact on the life of the city. For us, it’s probably the most financially and time-sensitive right-hand corner in the republic. I don’t really remember such a scale of construction, ekl f SD Radek Mtl.

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