Poll on fashion and style: Beata Kurucz


Beata Kurucz studied at the Prague Academy of Arts with Robert Šalanda, where she graduated in 2018, and before that in the studios of Jiří Sopek and Michael Rittstein. Since 2014, he has been teaching drawing and painting courses in private studios. She is fascinated by questions of paradoxes and moments that make one laugh and think at the same time.

Your definition of fashion and style?
Remedy and Charm.
Fashion has fascinated me since childhood. My father used to buy, for example, Voque because of fashion photography. I flipped through the numbers repeatedly and was fascinated not only by the scenes, the compositions of the models, but also by the cuts themselves. I was most interested in the expressions and features of the portraits, which remained for painting later.
I see style as the basis of expression in the same way as the form of expression in an image, when the form should carry the idea. I don’t limit myself to a particular style when it comes to clothes, I don’t have that in music or visual arts. I need to feel the essence of the mood and the situation.

What do you like most about your job?
Freedom. Uncovering interesting connections and information. As I develop my work, I also develop a specific way of thinking about things, and I generally get my thinking into positions that I would otherwise have gotten into much later or not at all. Above all, visual art and painting teach a person to see more deeply and sensitively.

How do you recharge your batteries?
I dance, either in the studio, when I need to energetically get the picture going, or in the apartment, where I coordinate it with suitable outfits, colored light and inventing different situations. A little bit like becoming a fool for yourself.))
And otherwise, of course, trips in nice weather or running.

What is guaranteed to please you?
Discovering a good piece of music. Dry humor. Closeness to friends, bizarre things, planes, horses, the sea, or if I fall and no one sees it :))

Your tip for what to do against grey:
Basically a classic: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Maintain curiosity, playfulness and above all naturalness.




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