The parking lot in Karlova street in Varnsdorf can accommodate more cars. The town hall will expand it


Drivers using the parking lot opposite the primary school in Varnsdorfská Karlová street will have more parking spaces. Varnsdorf is going to expand it this year, it is to offer 39 parking spaces. It should cost four million crowns.

Varnsdorf Town Hall will expand the parking lot in Karlova Street this year.

| Photo: Tomáš Secký

According to the management of Varnsdorf, the increase in cars exceeds the capacity of parking lots in some places in the city. “It is becoming standard that every family has two or even more cars. This fact is mainly reflected in areas of densely populated housing estates. The current parking lot in Karlova Street opposite the elementary school, which is used during the day by employees of school facilities, shoppers in the nearby market, or diners coming for lunch during the day, is also a problem. In the afternoon and evening, the residents of the surrounding block of flats,” said Tomáš Secký, spokesman for the Varnsdorf town hall.

The town hall is planning to significantly expand the parking area. Currently, the parking lot can accommodate around sixteen cars, it will now offer up to 39 spaces, including two spaces for the disabled. A sidewalk is also to be created along the parking lot, which will continue towards the panel house no. 2692. It will be completed by four benches and two trash cans. Seven trees and other greenery are planned to be planted around the parking lot.

Varnsdorf has a new unique kindergarten for 50 children, it cost more than 100 million crowns

“We have prepared four million crowns in the budget, but the final price will depend on the outcome of the tender process. It’s being prepared right now. Construction work could then start during the summer months,” added Varnsdorf Deputy Mayor Jiří Sucharda.

At the same time, Varnsdorf Town Hall is preparing documents for a tender for the construction of a sidewalk and road at the newly reconstructed building in TG Masaryka Street. The sidewalk in Lesní Street will also undergo reconstruction.

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Source: Diary/Jaroslav Balvín


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