We think of the children from Prague 3 | Opinions of representatives

We think of the children from Prague 3 | Opinions of representatives
We think of the children from Prague 3 | Opinions of representatives

After taking office, many parents asked me whether we would open classes with different pedagogical approaches than those offered by regular schools and kindergartens. I assured them that one of my goals is to expand the range of education in Prague 3 so that every parent can find what suits their child.

Now we have the entries and I can say that the results are coming in. For kindergartens, this year we are opening the first forest classroom in Prague 3 in the Kapslovna park, where children will be able to be in direct contact with nature all year round. In the newly built two-classroom Kindergarten in Na Vacková, we plan to launch the Start Together program, which uses activity centers to help children develop knowledge and skills.

In terms of elementary schools, this year’s novelty is the opening of the first Waldorf class at ZŠ Cimburkova, which will enable parents who prefer a holistic and individual approach, raising their children to be responsible and educating them through experience, with an emphasis on art, work and craft subjects, to find suitable ones for their child place. In addition, the school continues the thirty-year operation of the Waldorf Kindergarten in Jarov. ZŠ Pražačka is also undergoing the first phase of transformation, where last year we selected a new principal who is gradually transforming the school into a school of open possibilities.

In the future, we plan to focus on children with medical disabilities as well. Therefore, in the newly built kindergartens, we are counting on a speech therapy class as well as other classes for children with special educational needs. At the same time, we want to expand the offer of special classes for children with compulsory schooling, and we plan to keep these classes at the converted ZŠ Cimburkova.

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