KHS of the South Bohemian Region: 137 new cases of whooping cough


04/03/2024 10:04 | Press Release

In the 13th week, there were 137 new cases of whooping cough in the South Bohemian Region, 917 of them were confirmed in the region this year


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In thirteen weeks of this year, South Bohemian hygienists recorded a total of 917 cases of whooping cough /pertussis/. In the week before Easter, there were 137 new cases in the South Bohemian Region, 2 less than in the previous 12th calendar week.

“Over the thirteen weeks of the year, we register a total of 917 confirmed cases of pertussis, in the pre-Easter week, which was shortened by one working day, there were 137 more. This is 2 less than the week before. The number of diseases grew the most until the eleventh week, in the last two weeks we see a certain slowdown in the growth dynamics. In the long term, the most exposed groups are high school students and upper elementary school students. As for the districts, we register the most cases in České Budějovice (404), Jindřichohradeck (177) and Český Krumlov (98). We register 19 cases among children under one year as the most vulnerable age group. Of these, 2 new ones in the past week,” says the director of the Regional Hygiene Station of the South Bohemian Region doc. MD Kvetoslava Kotrbová, Ph.D.

“As for the districts, as of the thirteenth week, the most – 404 cases – were confirmed in České Budějovice (+64 new ones for the past week). There were 177 cases in Jindřichohradecky (+19), 98 in Český Krumlov (+13), 77 in Prachatick (+5), 55 in Strakonicko (+9), 72 in Táborsk (+18) and 34 cases in Písecko (+9) ). Regarding age groups, the most – 326 cases – we register in the age group 15-19 years, among school children in the group 10-14 years we registered 140 cases and among younger school children 5-9 years there were 69 cases. Forty-nine cases have been reported among children from one to four years of age and 19 cases among newborns and infants under one year of age. As for adult age categories, the most – 92 cases – were reported in the 45-54 age group and 70 in the 35-44 age group. The lowest incidence is among seniors in the 75+ group, 16 cases, and among young people in the 20-24 age group, 25 cases,” the director of the anti-epidemic department of the KHS of the South Bohemian Region, MUDr. Hana Bendíková.

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