A meter of hashish, a kilo of cocaine and other drugs from Slovakia: the Czech police charged 14 people


Lucie Šmoldasová, spokeswoman for the National Drug Control Center (NPC), informed about the case on Wednesday.

“After a seven-month investigation, the detectives detained a total of fourteen people, three foreigners and eleven Czechs, suspected of serious drug-related crime. “The members of the organized group are accused of distributing drugs containing pseudoephedrine, as well as selling methamphetamine and cocaine,” the spokeswoman said.

According to the police, the main suspect is a foreigner who, on the basis of orders, imported drugs from Slovakia.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Seized drugs originating from Slovakia

“According to the findings of criminologists, he supplied cocaine and meth to the drug market in the Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions and in Prague, and supplied preparations with pseudoephedrine to, among other things, laboratories for the production of drugs in the Central Bohemia region,” mentioned Šmoldasová.

The police suspect that the rest of the detainees are involved in further trafficking in imported drugs, the supply of chemicals intended for the production of drugs, or their production itself.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

During the drug raid, the police also seized weapons.

“Two Czechs provided their real estate for drug production in exchange for drugs,” said the spokeswoman.

During the operation codenamed Konor, the police seized 5.2 kg of cocaine, 1.2 kg of dry marijuana, 1.8 kg of hashish, 0.9 kg of methamphetamine, 1 kg of pseudoephedrine preparation, three illegally held firearms, a complete laboratory for the production drug. Then four vehicles, 405,500 crowns and 25,945 euros.

“In Slovakia, 97 kg of hashish, 150 g of methamphetamine and one vehicle were seized during a house search,” said Šmoldasová.


Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Seized drugs originating from Slovakia

Twelve of the accused were sent to custody by the court, the rest are being investigated by the police at large.

“Depending on the seriousness of the criminal activity, the accused face various penalties, some up to 18 years in prison,” added the spokeswoman.


Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

The police seized drugs imported from Slovakia.

The couple was supposed to sell tens of kilos of cocaine a year in Prague. According to the police, her arrest shakes the market

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