Prague 1 opened its first food outlet | PRAGUE 1 | News

Prague 1 opened its first food outlet | PRAGUE 1 | News
Prague 1 opened its first food outlet | PRAGUE 1 | News

The first food outlet in the city district opened in Řeznická Street in Prague 1. Once a week, every Wednesday, he will give out food packages to all the needy who come here.

“We will arrive with a car full of bags and fresh food. We will explain it here and we will expect people to come who have recommendations from the employment office, OSPOD or the social department and will need food assistance,” says Věra Doušová, head of the food bank for Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

There will always be some fresh and perishable food in the packages. As the management of Prague’s Jednička says, recently the number of people turning to the social prevention department has been increasing. They need help with securing at least basic food.

“There was no food aid outlet in Prague 1. It exists in the center of Prague in the New Town Hall, which is for the citizens of Prague 1 and Prague 2, but it belongs to Prague 2. So, following the example of Prague 2, we decided to set up a food bank outlet in Prague 1 right here in Řeznická Street.” says Iva Antalová (BEZPP), councilor of the Municipal Council of Prague 1 for the social area.

This is where the branch of the Nový Prostor organization, which helps homeless people, is based. Up to a hundred food packages will be available here every Wednesday.

“It is a day center for our clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our clients sell the Nový Prostor magazine of the same name, which earns them the basic necessities of life so they can return to mainstream society,” says Monika Dvořáková, head of the day care center and editor-in-chief of the Nový Prostor magazine.

The municipality will monitor for some time whether there will be interest in the dispensary. If there is interest, the town hall is ready to identify other places where food could be distributed. He prefers to go the route of smaller dispensaries.

“It is mainly for their comfort. Because that and mentally coming to some big center like New Hope or something like that is quite challenging for a person who is on the verge of necessity. On the other hand, coming to a small center that is inconspicuously located in a side street can be mentally more sensitive,” says the mayor of Prague 1 Municipality, Terezie Radoměřská (TOP 09).

The representatives of the food bank remind again that they welcome any donations, but the most needed are non-perishable foods, which are difficult to find. People can contribute soon as part of the next round of food collection. This will take place on Saturday, April 13.

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