A surgeon in Turkey pushed a dental implant into a patient’s brain

A surgeon in Turkey pushed a dental implant into a patient’s brain
A surgeon in Turkey pushed a dental implant into a patient’s brain

The dramatic story of 40-year-old father of two Ramazan Yilmaz began quite normally. He felt toothache, so he went to the doctor, who pulled out the problematic parts of his teeth. At the same time, the surgeon recommended an implant to the man as a replacement.

“After the examination, they told me that my bone structure is fragile, my teeth are loose, and that it would be appropriate for me to undergo an implant procedure,” said the treated man.

“The doctor claimed to have 24 years of experience in this field and assured me of his expertise. So I entrusted it to him,” added the patient, according to the Daily Mail server.

When the surgeon was about to perform the procedure, he told the assistant that the device with which he wanted to insert the prosthesis into the patient’s mouth was broken, Mr. Ramazan further described the situation. “That’s why he decided to do the implantation manually,” he added.

However, the surgeon proceeded with great force. The patient complained of hearing bones crack. “He assured me it was normal,” the man continued.

The dentist ignored his reminder and proceeded so that the implant broke through the jaw and the patient cried out in maddened pain. The surgeon realized there was a complication. He therefore took the patient himself to the emergency room at the nearest hospital, but escaped from there.

Doctors at the hospital performed an examination on the patient, including a computer tomography, and discovered with horror that the replacement had penetrated around the eye and into the brain. The patient had to undergo surgery immediately, with three doctors refusing to participate in the procedure, saying it was too risky.

The operation was finally performed, but the surgeons informed the patient that he might not survive. That’s why he said goodbye to his children just to be sure, but luckily the procedure was successful and the doctors removed the implant from the patient’s head.

Now the man is taking legal action against the dentist. Among other things, because he refuses to return money to the victim for a botched procedure and claims that the incident occurred “due to a medical complication.”

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