Six lost in half a day: the Pardubice policemen were busy


No less than six searches for missing persons were conducted by the police in the Pardubice region within twelve hours. They were looking for a junkie whose drugged partner was missing, an elderly woman who had wandered off in search of her dog, and three men who were in danger of taking their own lives. Unfortunately, one of them succeeded in the desperate act.

A series of searches was started by a frightened woman from Svitavy, who was missing her mate. But this case ended tragically, the man took his own life and it was too late to save him.

The second case was from the beginning like through a photocopier. The woman, again from Svitavy, was worried about her husband. A police negotiator was therefore called to the search operation. “Fortunately, he managed to connect with the man, then meet with him and resolve the whole, initially hopeless situation for the missing person,” described police spokeswoman Markéta Janovská.

She was looking for a dog

And the relatives who were looking for the elderly woman in Českotřebovsk have already contacted the police. She left all her things and her mobile phone at home and disappeared. It turned out that the officers brought her dog to the shelter in the morning, and it was so obvious that the owner went looking for him.

Patrols went out into the field, and within an hour they managed to find the lost woman. “She lay exhausted on the shut-down track,” said Janovská. Rescuers also went to the scene and took the woman into custody.

Drugged partner disappeared

This was followed by a notification from a drugged-up woman from Chrudim whose partner had disappeared. The police know both of them well, they have already searched for the man in the past, he was deliberately hiding from his partner. But they took the woman’s concern for her mate’s life seriously, even though the circumstances were not too favorable to them.

“The missing person moves in a community that does not cooperate with the police, so it is difficult to find out information about his movements and whereabouts. The man does not even have a mobile phone with him, and therefore it is not possible to organize a search operation in a certain area,” the spokeswoman described. Soon the man appeared, he was fine.

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Dad and friend were missing

The series of announcements ended with two cases from Svitavsk. At first, frightened people who stood in front of the father’s house called, but they couldn’t get inside. “They stated that the man had not communicated with them for three days and apparently the key was in the lock from the inside,” the spokeswoman said. The police called the fire department, but they soon canceled the event. The callers called that the father answered through the doorbell and they no longer needed help.

The last to call the emergency line was a man who was worried about his friend. The one to him sent a text message saying he wanted to take his own life. The police managed to meet the missing person in person. Rescuers also arrived at the scene and took over the unfortunate man.

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