The government supported the enactment of artist status

The government supported the enactment of artist status
The government supported the enactment of artist status

“The artist status is a tool that has been used for a long time in a number of EU member states and which emphasizes the specific position of artists in the working environment. Especially those who do not have a permanent employment relationship,” said Baxa.

The Czech Republic had to introduce this mechanism, it was imposed on it by the National Recovery Plan, with which European money is connected.

Artists who do not have sufficient income from their artistic activity will be able to be registered in the register, which will be established by the Ministry of Culture. It will not be mandatory and there will be a fee for the registration request. At the same time, it will be necessary to fulfill several conditions, among other things, to prove that they were engaged in artistic activities even when they did not have a permanent employment relationship.

“Based on that, they can draw some kind of support. These are mainly subsidies through art scholarships,” added Baxa.

According to him, the system is intended to help artists in similar situations, such as the covid pandemic, when they could not work and earn a living due to the government’s anti-epidemic measures. Many work outside the traditional framework of working and economic life, they work as self-employed, seasonally, and the status of an artist can provide them with security.

This should also apply to supporting professions such as lighting, sound engineers, curators or publicists and translators, the explanatory report states.

The Department of Culture has repeatedly emphasized that it will not judge the professional or artistic quality of the applicants. Artist status already works in France or Germany, for example.

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