The Zln region, the hospital and the municipality first agree on how to repair the regional hospital

The Zln region, the hospital and the municipality first agree on how to repair the regional hospital
The Zln region, the hospital and the municipality first agree on how to repair the regional hospital

For the first time in history, according to Governor Radim Holie, the leaders of the Zlnsk region, the hospital and the Zlnsk municipality agree on the progress of the reconstruction of the area of ​​the Tome Bati Regional Hospital in Zln (KNTB). We have a big debt in the hospital and we have to modernize the area. At first, all affected partners agree on how we will proceed with the reconstruction. It’s not for one man to decide,” said Governor Radim Holi. In an interview with Magazn 21, he talked about how the region coped with the march of refugees from Ukraine, or what was interesting about this year’s introduction of the National Day of the Region event.

Mr. Governor, at what stage are the preparations for the construction of the central building at the Regional Hospital T. Bati in Zln, i.e. the new internal and emergency room?
We received a proposal from the architect and we are now discussing it: led by the region, the hospital and led by the city of Zlna. I want a clear consensus. The residents and patients, the people of Zln and especially us, i.e. the regional council, must be satisfied, because it represents the interests of the owner – the Zln region. Each time we look at the project from a different perspective. The hospital’s management wants everything logically connected to the campus and buildings to be added, and for patients to be treated with respect and receive the best possible treatment. Led by the city of Zlna, the construction and development of the area is underway from the point of view of land use. This means that the reconstruction of Baovka should be in line with their planned projects, and you could create a bike path along Devnice or a new city parking lot. And for us, besides all that, finances are also important. We are in a situation where we have very limited financial options and we have to carefully consider where to invest money from the regional budget. It is a historic moment, because this crucial decision was not made by one man, but by all affected partners.

So how will they take steps?
We have the consent of our partners, i.e. the Zlna City Council and the KNTB Board of Directors. We are in the phase where we discuss the vision in detail and gradually explain how the design is and how it logically fits into the hospital’s development concept. Now we need the approval of the Zlna town council to correct the land fill, which allowed us to prepare the project. In the fifth half of the year, we want to have a building permit and apply for subsidies that will be available to help us finance the construction. We take every step diligently, we follow all procedures, deadlines, and we act in accordance with the law. These are also reasons why such projects tend to drag on. The salary that the hospital is the main mover and has maximum support in the governor’s office. The goal is clear and united, we want the regional hospital to be in shape.

The opposition, however, criticizes you in the middle for the procedures for growing your own area. Can you come up with it?
I noted the criticism from my predecessor, but it is unfounded and I firmly reject it. Let me explain. Contracts in the construction of the hospital were administratively handled by a company that was selected as part of a selection process that took place in the form of a so-called closed call. In accordance with the law and the parameters of the hospital’s regulations, which, by the way, the governor used to drink. This means that the contracting authority – in this case KNTB – approached ten suitable suppliers. The offer was subsequently made by three companies and one of them was selected according to the set criteria. Standard procedure. We do not interfere in the day of the election of the Zlnsk Region Council, even from the position of governor. It is the hospital itself, i.e. its board of directors, who is responsible for this. And if you underestimate something, you will suffer the consequences. That’s it.

It’s been half a year since the wolf came to Ukraine. How did the Zlnsk region manage to cope with the march of female refugees?
Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, I have looked at the situation realistically. I wasn’t chasing political points. I realized that innocent people would die a hundred kilometers from us, but it was immediately clear to me that the wolf would have an impact on all of us. Thanks to the fact that we did not make populist gestures in an attempt to get in love, after half a year we have the situation in the region under control. We didn’t even have to build a small town, but the crisis has had its effect on Ukraine in the region. We are talking about hundreds of millions of crowns, and from one hundred to now we have refunded about one thousand percent of the investment. After a hundred we will demand reimbursement of what the government promised us. And the earth is very helpful. The people who accommodated the refugees, brought food to the assistance center, clothes for the children, helped people from Ukraine to settle in… I appreciate that very much. People know how to hide and help themselves in those times, that’s good at first.

Do you know how many people from Ukraine are here at the moment?
Of the roughly twelve thousand who registered at the assistance center, one hundred immediately left for their country. Some moved to Ukraine for months and a large number of people were born here. We don’t know exactly how many Ukrainians there are in the region, because the state doesn’t keep records. We know that two thousand people used the regional emergency hostel. You will also know at the beginning of the school year how many Ukrainian children will start kindergarten. On the day, two hundred children climbed into their mother’s shoes, a printing press into stock bikes and about a hundred centacycles. Our bikes can deal with that. The problem could arise at the moment when Ukrainians start to move out of pedestrian housing and look for something of their own. Vichni vme, how is the situation on the real estate market today.

In the region, and especially in Zln, the case associated with the Starostov a nevisvis (STAN) movement is resonating. Does it have anything to do with the governorship?
The people who are talked about in the media in connection with this case have ties to the country. However, it does not affect self-government as such. However, every such case is unpleasant and logically attention is also turned to the governor’s office. That is also why we agreed at one of the Councils of the Zlnsk Region that we will implement all the contracts that were concluded here in the last election period, on behalf of my colleague Petr Gazdek (STAN) in the position of regional councilor. I want to, and the governorship is transparent and if everything is in order, the people of the country.

Municipal elections will be held this month. You were the mayor of Ronov under Radhot, do you have the same ambitions?
I gave up the post of mayor of Ronov so that I could devote myself fully to the work of governor. I supported my party colleagues in Ronov and I am listed in seventh place on the candidate list. On a daily basis, I don’t think about the position of mayor or councilor, I always help the city as a representative. Elections are due for each municipality and city. Therefore, I would like to call on everyone to go to the polls and choose people who have vision, courage and character for their councils. A representative who wants to develop the city where he goes and is not afraid to work for it.

On Saturday, January 1, the Day of the Zlnskho kraje will take place, a traditional event that the governor’s office will celebrate. What are you most looking forward to from the program?
This means that I will again have the opportunity to meet people, talk to them, listen to them and answer their questions. There will be a meeting room in the campus, where my colleagues from the council will meet and where they can stop by. This year we will commemorate one hundred years since the births of Dana and Emil Ztopkov, so I would also like to take part in the commemoration of Emil Ztopek, which will take place for the second time. It will be symbolic. With this, I would like to invite everyone to the National Day. An all-day program is prepared: concerts, stalls with regional products, attractions, sports activities, entertainment for the youngest and much more. At this event, you will see and, most of all, visit the entire Zlín region at the square meters of the shops in the former Svit area, because everything you buy and taste here is made by people from our region. So drink, it will be worth it.

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