The regional council discussed the allocation of more than 5 million crowns to the field of youth and sports

The regional council discussed the allocation of more than 5 million crowns to the field of youth and sports
The regional council discussed the allocation of more than 5 million crowns to the field of youth and sports


This year’s Barum Czech Rally Zlín, the reconstruction of the football field in Vršava in Zlín or the laying of a new surface on the ice hockey field in Malenovice – these and other projects and events were supported by regional councilors. The subsidies must also be approved by the regional council at its meeting on September 12.

ZLÍNSKÝ KRAJ – The allocation of individual subsidies in the total amount of 5.520 million crowns from the Zlín Region Fund for a total of six projects or events in the field of youth and sports was discussed by regional councilors and recommended to regional representatives for their approval. The council will meet on Monday, September 12.

“Individual support is intended for extremely important events and projects of regional and supra-regional significance that do not meet the conditions within the announced regional program support in the field of youth and sport,” said regional councilor for youth and sport Jiří Jaroš.

Supported events and projects

Reconstruction of the grandstand in the grounds of the FC Malenovice sports ground (subsidy of 150,000 crowns) – This is the construction of a new grandstand for seated spectators in the area of ​​the football field in Zlín-Malenovice. The new assembled tribune will have a capacity of 102 seats.

Reconstruction of the football field in the Vlastislav Marečka complex in Zlín – Vršava (subsidy of 1,500,000 crowns) – The support will be used exclusively for the reconstruction of the old artificial grass on the playground for youth and teenagers. FC Zlín uses this area for training and competitive matches of all youth teams.

Reconstruction of the hockey ball field HBC Malenovice (subsidy of 290,000 crowns) – The reconstruction of the hockey field in Zlín-Malenovice will consist of the purchase and installation of a new plastic surface designed specifically for hockey. HBC Malenovice is the only club in the Zlín Region that has a wide base of children from 5 to 18 years old.

Reconstruction of iDance Studio training facilities (subsidy of 200,000 crowns) – This is the construction of training facilities for the sports dance club iDance Studio from Zlín. The spaces will be used mainly for dance sports training and dance courses for children, but also for various social events

Championship of the Czech Republic in aesthetic group gymnastics (subsidy 80,000 crowns) – The Czech Championship in aesthetic group gymnastics is the culmination of the competition season for teams from all over the country. Around 500 female gymnasts aged 5-25 will take part in it.

Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2022 (subsidy 3,300,000 crowns) – Barum Czech Rally Zlín has long been one of the most important motoring events in the Czech Republic and the most visited sports event in our country. It is of great importance for the Zlín Region in terms of tourism.

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