A split in the team of Czech opponents before the quarterfinals of the World Cup? Things are boiling in the Finnish toolbox

Tapaniová was given permission to fly home for a detour from the team’s management, who explained her non-participation in the match with personal reasons. When word got out that he was taking part in the wedding festivities instead of representing his country, it sparked a huge uproar in Finland.

Local hockey legends, who did not spare their criticism, took a liking to the player and the team management.

Tapani’s departure was probably not well received by some of her national team teammates.

Goalkeeper Räisänen posted a photo of herself on Twitter from the substitution during the USA match, where she sat in the role of second goalkeeper covering the back of No. 1 Anni Keisala. She completed the photo by congratulating her father on his 60th birthday with the postscript: “It’s a shame they can’t celebrate it with their loved ones.”

Her message could understandably be interpreted as a complaint that while the key player is allowed to go to the wedding instead of the match, the substitute sat out the match on the bench instead of participating in the celebrations of her father’s important milestone.

“But they are two different things. My dad had a birthday party and someone has something else. But I just sincerely congratulated my father,” Räisänen defended herself against speculation in an interview for Yle.

“And if I would like to be at my father’s party? Of course yes. We had some discussions about it, but it was clear from the beginning that I would stay in the tournament the whole time. I made my decision and others made their decisions,” she added.

In the subsequent match against Switzerland, Räisänen was sent to the stands as a third substitute and Jenna Silvonen took her place. The Finnish media understandably began to speculate that it was a punishment for her public signs of displeasure.

However, the management of the Finnish national team rejected this option, when asked if Räisänen would return to the lineup for the match against the Czech Republic, but refused to answer, saying that the composition of the team for the quarterfinals is not yet clear.

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