Video recipe: See how to make homemade salsa

Martin Nevyl

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Chips, bars or canapés? What to prepare for a visit to make yourself like the right hosts? An interesting type is nachos with homemade salsa. Its production is not complicated and you will need the classic summer harvest from the garden – the main ones are tomatoes and peppers. We provide a detailed recipe in the video tutorial. Look at him. Try making homemade salsa and see how your visitors will lick their lips.

Homemade salsa

| Video: Diary/Martin Nevyjel

Even a master chef gets cut sometimes. But much more often, a treat will appear under his hands, which his loved ones will only lick. We have collected the recipes of our parents, grandmothers, but also those that you praise the most on social networks. We don’t want to mentor how to make the best sirloin or cook the right goulash, but we have selected several “other” recipes that we present in a detailed video recipe so that you can try making the delicacy yourself.

Video recipe: How to make peppers stuffed with cabbage

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