Debts and foreclosures. The inhabitants of the Liberec region are still among the worst

Debts and foreclosures. The inhabitants of the Liberec region are still among the worst
Debts and foreclosures. The inhabitants of the Liberec region are still among the worst

In the northern part of the country, 23.5 percent of clients are banks and non-banking companies. 8.6 percent of them defaulted on their contracts, which is the fourth worst result in the country. Current data was provided by the Banking Register of Client Information (BRKI), the Non-Banking Register of Client Information (NRKI) and the Executor’s Chamber of R.

What about the survey according to the results? Teba and the Liberec region are sixth in the list of mortgages and together with Vysoina in fourth place in unsecured housing loans. Ten percent of the people here have a mortgage or other debt on the roof over their heads, and that percent have problems with debt.

Hor sla are with the executors. The Liberec region is the most indebted in the Czech Republic next to Steck and Karlovy Vary.

First, in these areas, we find the cities with the highest number of physical persons with at least one foreclosure per capita. Many areas have long-term structural problems related to slow development and a sharp decline in manufacturing industries in the 1990s. A low level of investment and high unemployment are evident in the various regions. The consequence of this is that you become an executor, explained the president of the Chamber of Executors R Jan Mlynark.

Therefore, the number of executions is not the cause of this problem. It’s the exact opposite. In the public space, it is, alas, quite presentationally incorrect.

How is it with foreclosures, at least in most parts of the region? According to the latest data, there are 88,462 foreclosures in Liberec, the hundredth city, 43,914 in Jablonec nad Nisou, about half as many, and 62,125 in the region’s most populous city – esk Lp.

I am asking for debt advice

It is especially important that the situation due to the conflict in Ukraine, inflation and the rising prices of energy or gasoline just won’t improve. For example, Debt counseling centers in Frdlant and Nový Mst pod Smrkek helped a total of 117 clients with their financial problems last year. Several people asked for a mapping of their debt, a stoppage of execution, filing of an insolvency proposal or help to get rid of execution as part of the Summer of Mercy event.

Debt counselors thus helped when looking for housing or food aid. First Frdlantsko pat next to Ralsko to the localities where there is the highest number of foreclosures in the region. In total, about half of the population is in foreclosure there.

Luk Prcha, the editor of the Liberec branch of the hunter in distress, spoke about the widespread problem.

If energy, gasoline and diesel are recovering, let’s assume that basic food will also recover. And these are the things that we have to go through with the clients. The debt is settled, earn some pension in employment. But it doesn’t even happen to a normal life for some, Prcha said.

According to him, the situation will mostly affect people who went to the edge. For those who went from paycheck to paycheck and did not have a job, the pension will not be worth it.

And soon he will appear at our door. Then those who didn’t hear about us half a year or a year ago will need us. Or another social service and support from a number of jobs, if the editor said that the problems will probably manifest themselves in a while. And that at a time when people need a service.

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