Rooftop honey SVS from the center of Prague passed in all investigated parameters

03/09/2022 16:51 | Press Release

The State Veterinary Administration (SVS) together with the State Veterinary Institute Prague (SVÚ) have been keeping bees on the roof of the SVS headquarters building in Prague’s Vinohrady for the fifth year. The SVÚ currently examined honey from this year’s clutch of “veterinary bees” as part of the project. The honey met all the indicators given by the decree establishing requirements for the quality of honey.

Photo: The State Veterinary Administration
Description: The State Veterinary Administration

“The positive news is that the presence of heavy metals and no pesticide residues was detected in the honey,” said Jan Rosmus from the chemistry department of SVÚ Prague, adding: “The other parameters for honey set by the decree of the Ministry of Agriculture are also at an above-standard level.”

A similar examination of honey from the same location was already carried out by the SVÚ in 2019. Even then, the laboratory results were good, the honey did not contain any heavy metals or pesticides. The joint project of the so-called “veterinary bees” is also counting on regular investigations of honey in the future.


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“We are very happy that the quality of the honey, coming from the terrace of our building in the center of Prague, met all the required criteria. Similar projects like ours are proof that bees have a justified role even in larger cities like Prague,” said director of the veterinary section Petr Šatrán.

Rooftop beekeeping is gaining popularity, and many companies and public institutions are placing bee colonies on the roofs of their residences. According to rooftop beekeepers, the estimated number of bee habitats in the Czech Republic is approximately 50, with 16 in Prague. Interest in beekeeping in the capital has been increasing in recent years. SVS currently registers over 800 beekeepers in the capital, who keep almost 6,500 bee colonies, which is almost 1,000 more than three years ago.

In Prague, bees are traditionally kept mainly in older housing developments in neighborhoods such as Troja, Libeň or Dejvice. On the contrary, there are not so many beekeepers in peripheral districts with new developments.

The project will continue to serve research and educational purposes. In addition, rolled honey from five hives of roof bees will be used to promote both institutions. This year, approximately 70 kilos of honey were produced.

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