Pro-Russian crack demonstration ur nai est, angry Kyiv

Pro-Russian crack demonstration ur nai est, angry Kyiv
Pro-Russian crack demonstration ur nai est, angry Kyiv

We condemn the attempt of some pro-Russian actions to justify Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and to insult the honor and dignity of Ukrainians, who are fighting for freedom in Europe at the cost of their lives, said the spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko.

He also added that, according to him, the Saturday rally did not reflect the mood in the Czech Republic. We have no doubts about the absolute solidarity of the people… who have provided hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians with life.

The Ukrainian side is grateful to the residents of Cologne and Prague, who opposed the weekend’s pro-Russian rallies, Nikolenko said. In addition to the demonstration in Prague, he also referred to the protest of 2,000 members of the Russian community in Koln nad Rnem, who demanded an end to the sanctions imposed on Russia and military aid to Ukraine.

These activities had nothing to do with freedom of speech and real conditions in Germany and the Czech Republic, he added.

Roughly 70,000 people gathered at the Vclavský nmst in Prague on Saturday for a demonstration against the government. At the protest with the name of the Czech Republic, many politicians took the first place, such as Zuzana Majerov-Zahradnkov from Trikolra and the chairman of the Free Blok party Lubomr Voln and Josef Skla from the Communist Party of Czech and Moravia, who repeatedly called for the cessation of military aid to Ukraine .

Foreign reaction

The demonstration attracted attention in other countries as well. Fial’s words that the organizers of the demonstration are corrupt, have close to extremist positions and are against the values ​​of the Czech Republic were quoted by the French agency AFP, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo and the Belgian television RTBF and the Argentinian news server Infobae.

Tens of thousands of protesters from the extreme right and extreme left demonstrated in the capital on Saturday against the failed Czech government, the AP agency wrote about the demonstration. The protestors demanded the resignation of the current coalition government of conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala, whom they criticize for a lot of things, including his corrupt political orientation. Fiala said that everyone should demonstrate first, but that these protesters express pro-Russian views that are not in the interests of the Czech Republic and its citizens, AP wrote, which was quoted by The Washington Post, for example.

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