Czech Republic is preparing for a national energy crisis, said Fiala. The EU will act tomorrow

Czech Republic is preparing for a national energy crisis, said Fiala. The EU will act tomorrow
Czech Republic is preparing for a national energy crisis, said Fiala. The EU will act tomorrow

On Friday we will see what we can achieve at the European level. It will then be followed by the introduction of a national union, which will complement or replace the European union, the prime minister said.

European energy ministers will discuss the Munich energy crisis on Friday. Czechia, as a presiding country, now sees the visions of the individual Czech countries. In the center, the Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Skela wants to publish the so-called presidential summary, which summarizes the positions of individual countries.

Fiala communicates with the prime ministers of other countries about the situation. I express my support for the achievement of the European Union, which was not here a month ago. The situation in Europe is moving significantly thanks to our activities, he said, adding that according to the agreement at the European level, the Czech Republic will choose a variant of the national union. The goal is clear, so that citizens and companies have enough energy at acceptable prices, said Fiala.

According to Skelá, there are now two proposals against each other. One pot with the separation of the price of gas from the price of electricity, which determines the price of electricity. This means that the high gas prices, which are the main subject of energy wolves, do not affect the prices of electricity, said Skela.

The second proposal wants to establish maximum prices for all other electrical products except gas. According to Skelá, the Czech Republic continues to face an energy crisis at the national level.

We are in agreement that the moment is right, that the Czech Republic has convened the council and that we must decide to take steps. There is complete agreement that we have to liquidate those markets, which means we have to provide traders with enough liquidity so that they can trade at all, said Skela. According to him, the individual cities of Lens are doing it as one, but there should also be a pan-European one on the table.

According to him, the separation of the price of gas from electricity should mean that gas consumption will increase. And in Europe, there must be a shortage of gas, said Skela. According to him, this type of proposal does not motivate gas consumption.

Regardless of how the European one turns out, R is also preparing its own one. I can confirm that a deal is underway and preparations are being made to ensure the stability of energy prices in the Czech Republic for all end users, both households, companies and the public sector, said Skela.

According to him, one is in a very advanced phase and only the details are. The minister added that the measure would be individual for each sector.

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