Auda: Some fouls go against us. But the Finns’ shooting was amazing

After the victory over the Netherlands, you entered the match full of optimism, especially with Tomáš Satoranský. However, the Fini quickly cooled yours.
We knew from the beginning that it would not be an easy match. We tried to prepare for Finland as best as possible. The matches follow quickly, so the preparation cannot be ideal. However, it was for both teams. I think we gave everything to the game, but unfortunately the Finns crushed us with three-point shooting. She was seriously amazing.

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At the end of the first half, you went on a 12-0 run to within three points. What was missing to swing over the opponent?
Hard to say. There were several up-and-down moments in the match. We have to look back at the match to root out why they always eluded us. What could we have done better to win? We have to learn from the game so that the last one will be a victory for us.

The game broke from the end of the second half. You kept your opponents at bay, but you didn’t give up yourself.
We finished the first half well. We achieved a bigger difference in points. We saw that we can play a balanced game with the Finns. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the second, we stopped converting shooting attempts.

When it didn’t go well in the game, you tried to toughen it up in the fourth quarter. The match then got nervous.
We played as the referee allowed. Although I think there was a lot of questionable contact and called fouls. But that’s how sports are sometimes.

The referees called a lot of fouls without the ball.
It is so. Before I evaluate, I have to look back at those situations. In which moments there is no need to push so hard. Of course, we must not try to foul so much.

Source: Diary / Zdeněk Zamastil

A tougher game represents one of you fouling out. Were you ready for it?
They were. This belongs to basketball. However, it seems to me that the home team… Otherwise. I don’t feel any support from the referees. I’m not saying it should be like that, but some fouls go against us throughout the championship. Then it creates a more difficult situation for us. But I certainly don’t want to make excuses for it.

This resulted in you racking up five fouls quickly.
But it wasn’t just in the fourth quarter. We collected fouls quite quickly. Then every foul was awarded with free throws, which didn’t help us either.

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You contributed to that portion with two offensive fouls.
From my point of view, I tried to create space for myself against smaller players. The referees judged it… I think the advantage worked in my favor. On the contrary, those players tried to play hard and it really took a toll on the body. Some contact can be expected there. I can’t say if certain movements there caused offensive fouls according to the referees. But it was frustrating for us. Instead of defensive fouls, we collected offensive ones. And that was a great loss.

How frustrating was it for you that the Finns didn’t let you down in the final quarter just like the Serbs did to less than eight points? And on the contrary, they always bounced back.
Of course, it is very difficult for the team that is catching up. It costs him more energy and strength. It is very difficult to tip the balance to the other side and complete the reversal. I will repeat myself, they always cooled us down with accurate shooting.

What did you call the atmosphere? The Finnish fans seemed to have the upper hand…
The overall atmosphere was amazing. Both camps took care of her. Both our and Finnish fans showed great support for their team. It was a big engine for both teams.

Source: Diary / Zdeněk Zamastil

Didn’t you think the Finns played like life? In the event of a loss, they would travel home.
They played with great energy from the start. They played fast, which allowed them to create space for three-point shots. It was obvious that they wanted to win.

Will the Czech Republic play like this in the last group match against Israel?
We will have to. It’s in spirit: all or nothing. We will give everything to the match. We are playing at home in Prague, we will definitely fight for promotion.

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