The Bublava rescue station is completing the enclosure for a wolf injured by a car in September

The Bublava rescue station is completing the enclosure for a wolf injured by a car in September
The Bublava rescue station is completing the enclosure for a wolf injured by a car in September
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At Bublava in the Sokolovsk region, they are completing the enclosure for the wolf that was hit by a car in the Ore Mountains at the end of September. However, the enclosure should also be used for other beasts that come across the Drosera animal rescue station in Bublava. The construction of the enclosure was helped by money from donors who were interested in the fate of the injured wolf and who decided to help him, the head of the Drosera rescue station, Vladimír Tomáš Smolík, told ČTK.

“The fence is already finished, the gardeners have prepared our land, we also have such hiding places. All that remains is to stretch some wire up on the fence. What stopped us were the cameras, which we are still waiting for,” said Smolík, according to whom the monitoring of animals, which are treated in the station, important.

In addition to wolves, the enclosure can be used for other animals as well. Although there are not many animals in the Ore Mountains, it can serve, for example, foxes, badgers or lynx, which were recently introduced on the German side of the mountain range and which could eventually appear on the Czech side of the border.

The rescue station in Bublava wanted to build the paddock for a long time, but there was a lack of money. Only the case of an injured wolf, which was found by mushroom pickers in a ditch by the road between the villages of Horní Blatná and Potůčky in the Karlovy Vary Region, accelerated the completion.

A young wolf is recovering from serious injuries apparently caused by a car crash. After the operation at the veterinary clinic in Prague, he is recovering in the Vlašim rescue station. His condition surprisingly improved significantly. Although at first the animal rescuers did not think at all that he could ever return to the wild, they now accept this option as well.

If the animal’s health would allow it, it would probably be the first attempt to return such a seriously injured wolf to the wild, at least in the Czech Republic. This is probably the first case where a wolf survived a collision with a car. According to Vilém Babič from Bublav rescue station, it would be a kind of pilot experiment. The wolf would have to return to his original pack, which would have to accept him back into their fold.

The wolf has been found in the Ore Mountains for several years. The first occurrence was confirmed by camera traps in 2017, and the Ore Mountains became only the second territory with a confirmed occurrence of this beast in the Czech Republic. Currently, there are about two packs and probably one pair of wolves in this area.


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