He criticized the referee when the time was changed, he was fined: Is it 23 hours a day in Prague?


He wrote on social media X that he was due to be grossed out 24 hours after the end of the match, as he was moving to the summer.

The controversial results of the decisions in the league match for second place in Opav, which lost his Sun 85:88 in overtime, made Hrubho rude. He filed an official protest, which was finally broadcast. The match of the superstructure league A1 ended on Saturday at 7:30 p.m., the function announced its schedule on the second day at 7:52 p.m. So 24 hours have passed? Or not? On Sunday morning, he moved to the door.

If you have a day in Prague that lasts 23 hours, so be it, but from my point of view, I respected the 24-hour period that passed between the two dates, argued Hrub in Denk. The sports editor of the league, imon Sedlak, countered: He forgot the time shift. But in the context of what he wrote, it doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about minutes or hours. From our position, we cannot allow ourselves to write that the referee decided which team will win the match.

In the Sport’s technical conditions for ast in (basketball) competitions, it is stated that coaches, assistants, players and official club officials are not allowed to make negative statements during the match and within 24 hours after the match, including on social media, regarding the implementation of decisions. The fine for violation could be up to 20 thousand crowns, Hrub appealed to the editor-in-chief of KNBL.

Then Hrub and Sedlak got into each other on sti X. Sit together in the marketing committee.

Hrub: Embarrassing case from the side led by the NBL, spat in the face by two rowdy fans in the form of a ridiculous penalty by deciding to stop for one game. We don’t agree on what the fine is, and the decision shouldn’t be given, and it’s stupid not to decide in the match. And about that, he made a judgment call every time.

Sportovn f NBL imon Sedlak

general manager Tom Hrub

Sedlak: The fine has nothing to do with the decisions in the given match. How the ABR (esk Association of Basketball Referees) decides the penalty is up to the ABR. The association of league clubs imposed penalties according to the tariff they approved. It is clear and I completely disagree with the behavior for which I issued the fine. That’s the cell.

Hrub: It is clear that we cannot agree with the behavior, because it points to the weakness of the leadership of the court, and your disagreement with that case.

Sedlak: Thank you for the view. I do not agree in principle, because if there is someone here who knowingly violates what he owed, and gave it in a lie when he didn’t, they will be fined. And I refuse to give way to a narcissistic patient who, the only one who has ever touched the Sun, cultivates a cult of his own person.

Hrub: Mr. Sedlak. You’ve been at basketball for a week and on the way, and this is how much trouble you have. Most recently, for example, ALK’s embarrassing departure from Lensk. Your opinion about the leather suit is completely wrong, the only thing that excuses you is that we don’t understand the core of the matter, because you don’t understand it.

Sud Jan Baloun and Michal Scholze have a suspended delegation for one match, for which they would earn 5,500 crowns. The referees’ association blamed them for not calling a foul on senior Tye Nichols in overtime with a three-point shot.

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