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Thanks to our Game Score model, we bring you not only the prediction of the entire season but also the prediction of individual matches. What tip do we offer to (not only) bettors before today’s Tipsport extraliga playoff final match?

Today’s match

After four final matches, the score is tied at 2:2. So the winner will be decided by at least six games, maybe even seven. But first, either Pardubice or Třinec must take a partial step towards winning the title, and that means winning match number five.

In the end, Pardubice won the fourth duel, although Třinec had 14 minutes of power plays at his disposal, but he did not use any of them and thus threw away the opportunity to take a 3:1 lead.

For the fifth match, the final series moves back to Pardubice, where, thanks to the home environment, Dynamo is the favorite with a chance of winning almost 70%! Will he confirm this role, or will home team Třinec be able to surprise in the fifth final?

Our tip

The minimal odds advantage is on Dynamo’s side, even considering some question marks in the away team, but it is not enough for our tip.

About the Game Score model

You can read how the Game Score model works here. Before last season, our model underwent several changes, which you can learn more about in this article. How the prediction itself is based on it is described in more detail here. An overview of complete predictions before the start of this season can be found here.

The main role in the predictions of individual matches is played by the current roster of the team, which takes into account injuries or match penalties. The home environment is also a factor, with home teams winning more than 57% of their games over the last three seasons.

The odds of individual teams in a match are determined based on the results of 50,000 simulations. And the odds, which you can find in the last column, are based on the percentage chance of the given team winning. In the regular season, our model correctly determined the winner of the match 62% of the time.

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