The inspectorate accused a pair of drunken police officers


“In the case in question, on April 24, criminal prosecution was initiated against two natural persons – members of the security forces for actions that were qualified as the offense of disorderly conduct, partly committed independently, partly in complicity,” Cimbala told Novinkám.

“For one of the accused persons also as a crime of grievous bodily harm. Considering the fact that the case is still undergoing preliminary criminal proceedings, it is not possible to provide more detailed information on the case,” added Cimbala.

He added that the charge of bodily harm concerns a police officer who injured a nineteen-year-old girl in an incident on the street in front of a bar on Nádražní street in Prague 5 on the night of February 17. Both he and his life partner are responsible for disorderly conduct.

A drunken policeman in a ceremonial uniform dragged a girl by her hair on the street in Prague

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The off-duty policeman faces two to eight years in prison, his girlfriend up to two years behind bars for the aforementioned disorderly conduct.

Her superiors must now decide whether this traffic policewoman from the local department of the Prague 1 Police will also be placed off duty. Her boyfriend now has to stay at home and is on half pay.

A drunk Prague policewoman will apparently not be punished for attacking girls on the street

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The girl, who was attacked together in front of the bar, suffered a broken leg, she even had to undergo surgery, it is said that she has screws in her injured ankle, and her healing time exceeded six weeks.

At the same time, this is an essential indicator for GIBS as to whether the perpetrator has caused serious harm to health by his actions. In this case it happened.

According to Novinek’s information from a reliable source, everything was also confirmed by an expert opinion from the field of medicine, which the inspection had prepared. According to his conclusions, the injured young woman suffered serious injuries. Therefore, the GIBS investigators could also charge the police officer with intentional bodily harm and causing grievous harm, which carries a more severe penalty of two to eight years in prison.


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Drunk plainclothes police attacked a girl.

According to one of the injured girls, the policeman and his girlfriend physically assaulted at least seven people, five young women and two security guards.

She herself allegedly received a slap from the now-accused policewoman for no reason. The aforementioned girl suffered serious injuries on the street, while the others, according to Novinek’s source, only suffered bruises.

They attacked in the bar and on the street

According to Cimbala, it is one ongoing act for both accused, which started at night in the bar and then continued on the street.

The company hosted an event for the LGBT community and primarily for women and girls. A group of four arrived there from the police ball in Prague’s Žofín. There was also a slightly drunk police officer dressed in a ceremonial uniform, whose blood alcohol level was later measured by colleagues from the called patrol at 2.6 per million, and his girlfriend, a plainclothes policewoman. She was also drunk, according to Blesk, she was found to be 1.6 per thousand.

Together with them came a third policewoman who brought her “occasional” girlfriend there, which, according to Novinek’s source, was a stumbling block and the reason for the beginning of the dispute.

Arresting a drunk, aggressive police officer in a Prague bar: It started with a lesbian fight

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“At the same time, she (the policewoman) had a permanent partner who was known to the girls in that bar. So they started telling her how he was acting and that he was cheating on his girlfriend, whereupon the policeman got involved, who was drunk and aggressive from the start. And he started attacking the girls,” explained a source familiar with the events of the fateful night.

“There was a nice mela. The policeman, who was the main character in all parts of the conflict, had no problem punching the girls there, both downstairs in the bar and then upstairs, and finally outside on the street,” the source explained.

The situation then escalated when the police couple left, right in front of the bar on the street where they attacked a nineteen-year-old girl. Their aggressive behavior was recorded by another of the injured young women on her mobile phone.

“In the Name of the Law”

The nearly minute-long recording begins with a shot of a policeman holding a girl to the ground, assisted by his female policewoman girlfriend. The man noticeably presses his tongue as he shouts at the girl: “In the name of the law, straighten your legs.”

“Leave her alone, she’s only nineteen,” then another girl pleads from outside the shot, to which the policeman hysterically responds that he doesn’t care at all. Immediately, he grabs the kneeling girl with her head on the ground by her hair and pulls her with all his might into the road in his direction. The victim then remains lying down. “Love, kneel on her,” the man continues urging his partner, who obeys him and also kneels the girl.

But according to Novinek’s findings, everything came to a head only after the recording was turned off, when the girl tried to get up. “That attack continued even after the video ended. She was getting up and the policeman then attacked her once more, knocked her down again, and that’s when she broke her ankle,” the Novinek source added.

A witness about a drunk policeman: He and his girlfriend attacked seven people

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