My new breasts make me feel sexy again

Klára (25) had been thinking about breast augmentation for a long time, but kept putting it off. It wasn’t until she looked in the mirror after weaning her two children that she decided the time was right.

A smart solution after breastfeeding

Klára went to the Medicom Clinic with the determination to make an appointment for augmentation, i.e. breast enlargement. It is a common procedure that is often chosen by women after the birth of children and breast change after breastfeeding. “The shape of the breast changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding for most women in the sense of decrease and loss of volume. Augmentation with silicone implants is then a good solution to return the breasts to their original shape, size and fullness of the cleavage. The advantage is the possibility of adjustment to the desired shape and size,” says MUDr. Petros Christodoulou, head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Bulovka University Hospital.

And it was just such an improvement that Klára longed for. And even though she thought about him for a long time and finally made up her mind, there were still certain doubts and a little fear in her. “Fortunately, the clinic had nice staff, so I almost stopped being afraid, and my fear completely passed during the consultation with Dr. Pavel Horyna, who willingly explained everything to me. And all fears were gone,” recalls Klára.

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During the first consultation, Klára and Pavel Horyna agreed on augmentation with modelingPhoto: MEDICOM Clinic Archive

In the end, it wasn’t just about the enlargement

And the headmaster, Pavel Horyna, clarifies: “Mrs. Klára turned to me with a request for a solution to her empty and sagging breasts, which troubled her after two pregnancies and after breastfeeding. I recommended breast augmentation with silicone implants combined with modeling. Together we agreed on round implants of a German brand in a high profile and size of 315 ml, which was the optimal volume for the client.”

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They chose the size of the implants together so that the breasts looked naturalPhoto: MEDICOM Clinic Archive

Everything turned out great

Klára admits that, despite all her determination, she was very nervous before the procedure itself. But everything went perfectly and without complications. Even immediately after surgery the young mother felt great. The operator was also satisfied: “The procedure turned out to the satisfaction of the client and mine. For faster fading of scars, I also recommended laser treatment at our aesthetic dermatology.”

Photo: MEDICOM Clinic archive

Klára is extremely satisfied with the resultPhoto: MEDICOM Clinic Archive

Photo: MEDICOM Clinic archive

The young mother was excited about the new breasts at first sightPhoto: MEDICOM Clinic Archive

The result exceeded expectations

When Klára on new breasts she watched for the first time, she was excited. “It went through my head: wow, this worked! I would even say that the result exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with my new breasts,” she says enthusiastically.

Thanks to the beautiful bust she started to feel seductive again, she woke up inside her again femininity. Today, she is no longer ashamed to undress in front of her husband, which she used to do before the operation. Even the people around her commented on the transformation very positively – they especially positively evaluated the natural appearance of the breasts.

Klára is not thinking about the next procedure yet, but if it comes to that, she knows where to turn. And to women who also desire a more beautiful bust, she says: “Definitely don’t worry. Don’t hesitate, it’s a really nice feeling.”

The article was created in cooperation with the Medicom Clinic.

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