The owner of Skoda threatens to move production from the Czech Republic. They are afraid of a lack of gas

The German automobile concern Volkswagen is worried about the persistent shortage of natural gas. There is also the possibility that it will move its production from Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the countries of southwestern and northern Europe.

In addition to households, the current energy crisis also threatens European industry. For example, Volkswagen is already looking for ways to deal with natural gas shortages as a result of the war in Ukraine. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency.

The largest European car manufacturer has its factories in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among others. That is, in countries that are most dependent on Russian gas. It is the lack of natural gas that threatens these European countries that could cause production to shift to southwestern Europe and the coastal part of northern Europe.

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According to Reuters, Volkswagen has enough gas reserves for the next five to six months, but after that there could be a problem. “If the supply of Russian gas to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is not restored, the automaker expects a shortage of natural gas from June 2023,” said a concern executive who wished to remain anonymous.

Since 1991, the Czech car manufacturer Škoda Auto has also been a part of the concern, which has three production plants in the country – in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí. Altogether, it employs approximately 36,000 people in the Czech Republic.

Skoda has a new boss. The German manager of Volkswagen grew up with Porsche

Skoda has a new boss. The German manager of Volkswagen grew up with Porsche


​”I assume that you want to ask about the possible termination of production in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any response to this, please contact the communication department of Volkswagen. We have no comment,” a Škoda spokesperson said in response to a telephone inquiry from Tomáš Kotera’s car.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade was a bit more forthcoming. “There is no point in speculating about what if. However, we believe that our and Germany’s efforts to have gas reservoirs filled will lead to the fact that such a scenario will not occur,” spokesman Vojtěch Srnka told

Škoda Auto is changing its logo. See what will happen to the traditional winged arrow:

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