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In twenty-three years of his professional career, he wore the jersey of twenty-one clubs in seven countries of the world. Vtina with the fateful salt 39. In honor of St. Jane. She wasn’t even a thousand years old when she was hit by a truck and Robert lost the most loved being in her life.

Aunt Peter stayed with the boys.

Cruel, cruel… I’m under mistake, but he gave it, first he moved. He devoted himself unfailingly to him, I thank him very much for that. I mm, as long as she lived. It was at a young age, it wasn’t easy, but thanks to sports I was always on the move, so maybe we managed it a little better, or maybe we didn’t even understand what happened. And thank you to the coaches who have moved us to top hockey. Then it was another ride.

That’s it. Ne Robo was able to sign a contract with the Hartford Whalers at the age of eight as a nine-draft NHL draft pick with nimble hands, he celebrated winning the federal title at home with Trenn.

Now I work in the picturesque village of Vysok nad Kysucou at my mother’s dental office, where the boys skated with hockey sticks, and I played soccer. The guardrails were lowered and it went. We were on the ice before the bike, after the bike, until the evening, we didn’t have to go that time, Petrovick goes back to his childhood.

By the way, having a father with teeth is a solid investment for a hockey player. But my teeth are under the flood. I don’t get it, 24 years of professional hockey and I haven’t had a drink. I don’t know how it’s even possible. The fractures and rm in the neighborhood were good, he smiles. You were looking for it. When we put the cock down, it had to be gritty, it was an order.

Combining Roberto and Ronaldo would create a superstar

From the age of Kysuce, he and his young brother Ronald made it to the NHL, the world’s most famous hockey tournament. It all started at the doctor’s office. The brother got to the top level, hats off. A lot of people thought that if the style of Ronaldo and Roberto were combined, a superstar would be created, smiled the oldest of the siblings.

I can do it first. He gradually fulfilled his dreams. I wonder how you are doing. The world title was won, I got to know a lot of cities and games. There were ups and downs.

Going to America after the Velvet Revolution was a call, a cultural eye.

In Hartford, he met the famous tennis player Ivan Lendl, who co-owned the Whalers. We played golf together, not tennis, he smiles. They both went to the cabin. Great hunter. Good debate, when we were young we admired tennis stars.

Hartford scouts liked the offensive skills of the eight-year-old Slovak. I didn’t have anything, l. The team was physically, working. I went to the camp to try it, it happened that it started to work, and the day before I left, they didn’t know what to do with me. They didn’t want to let me into Europe. I signed this contract, it started working with me for a long time.

The thing about Lendl is that he remembers the American family that adopted him as their own. They were like family to me, so I vote for them.

Modano pihrv, arms brn

And in Dallas, he fully realized what the stars can do with the puck, that the ball shines in the dark like a star. When Mike Modano spat at me on the first thorn, he almost grabbed my hands, remember Petrovick going with black tires to the epel today. I noticed that these are the top hockey players in the world, slowly the ball didn’t exist. I behaved. Dallas is a great city and organization. It didn’t work out, I had to go to the farm, but they were great treats.

In St. Louis Blues, in turn, devoured the devoted fans, tough goalie Brett Hull, fullback Al Macinnis, and goalie Grant Fuhr. He matured, we spent a lot of time together off the ice, on golf.

Olomouc ice hockey assistant coach and former Slovakian representative Rbert Petrovick in an interview for the Z voleje podcast.

It was not easy to make a name for yourself among bluesmen. Kou Keenan, known as Iron Mike, pitched rookie camp for 70 games in the big league. He raised his hand, after a while he showed you his fingers: There are only those free places.

Petrovick turned to his companion Libor Zbranskho: We are going to fight.

They made it.

In Tampa Bay, he took a sunny life in Florida with his friends Pavel Kubina and the leader of the golden Olympic team from Nagano Petr Svoboda. The team, which later won the Stanley Cup, was still being built and the fans were learning to walk on lightning. When we played Detroit at home, their jersey was red in the stands. That turned out to be the case, note.

He also met Svoboda not long ago on a train in Lausanne last year, where Petrovick worked as an editor for Croatian Development, before he left for Olomouc to train before this season. He recognized Svoboda as a hard club boss: He demanded one hundred percent from everyone.

Too bad, but the dream of a place in the NHL ended on Long Island. The end with the Islanders was bitter, it was an hour on the ice, two weeks for a save and a loss. Manaft ran around gunner Czerkawskho and defender Hamrlek. So they were looking for a TV. I played the game, without explanation. I thought it would happen, she drank the offer from Europe. I was in the Czech Republic, scoring points, a great league and a great place to live.

Nine years of earnest attempts at a breakthrough in the country were just that.

He made you stronger, he sharpens you even for life, even the cruelest of times, not the first time. I was honored by the opportunity to win the NHL, but also the federal league, the Olympics, the world championship, the owner of the world gold medal from the 2002 World Cup. There was also the collapse of the Slovak team in Nagano. The way up is to join, but underneath it’s just hockey.

Dude, that’s bullshit

Even New York played an important role in Petrovic’s life journey; his daughter Kiara Jane was born there to him and his wife, Kiara Jane, who played tennis and today is a support to his brother Rayen. Contract in Liberec, last worked in Vsetn and Trenn.

Svtooban Petrovick is the wife of her husband, who, as the daughter of the famous coach Vladimr Vjtek, was used to the intricacies of hockey competition and had an understanding for the iron way of life. V, m the hockey player suffers. I had support, k. Sthoven was a mouthful, including two children, the woman had an excellent system. It happened that she had to pack, move things to a new city, and things changed there and we had to gather again. We don’t mind travel. Rd would have been in career in one place, but I stuck with it and fought to the last save.

He met his wife as a teenage boy in Trenn, where his father-in-law comes from. rka was after revenge with her brother Vladimr, also an NHL hockey player. They were fighting together, so Petrovick thought, he was the new birdie of the hockey game. Dude, that’s my shit, he’s drunk.

Olomouc ice hockey assistant coach and former Slovakian representative Rbert Petrovick in an interview for the Z voleje podcast.

Thus began a great love story. A recipe for long-term celibacy?

I wouldn’t recommend mixing clubs and ground, he smiles. Sp respect and set your priorities.

Where is he at home? I am returning to Trenn, my father is from Ilin, I was born in Koicch and grew up in Kysucch. I got to know a lot of people, cities, cultures. Every city had its charm. Where there is time, that is a momentary home, a pilgrimage to Petrovick.

They gave it.

Pick up the sout

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