A special news from England: the feeders are the stackers. And the home team loses the advantage


Or the boy from Liverpool, just prompting Trent Alexander-Arnold to quickly cross the ultimately decisive corner on a famous turn in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona. His name is Oakley Cannonier, and the other day he was a joke among his teammates on the bike, so to this day he still remembers the corners: I had barely made it to the end of the day when my friends came up to me and told me that I had won their race!

Proof that even my players, even young teenagers from the club’s academies, become part of the tactics. The coaches and their assistants instruct them in advance when to speed up the game and when to slow it down, which should be invisible to the home team, but other weapons.

Only the clubs in England are going after her first, because I believe they have banned me.

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke, but a real sign of a new rule that has been in effect on the islands since last week. If you didn’t see him in practice at the weekend, be careful during the week when the 31st round matches are scheduled in the Premier League.

On both sides of the hit, there are five balls on which the servers should place the balloons. He gave two balls to be placed behind both goals, which reminds me of the bad times of covid, when they had to be disinfected before going into the game.

If it goes out of play and is out of range, the player must go to the nearest ball for a new one. Servers should not return the ball after play, but should place it on loose balls, according to the new rules.

At the same time, the feeders, starting from the cashier, should not be directly at the auto bars, but also behind the advertising barriers, so that there is as little contact as possible with the football players themselves.


This is about football hypercorrectness, which really comes from the clubs themselves. And the Premier League wants to prevent conflicts that arise in tense moments when a footballer is struggling for the ball.

In December, Bernd Leno, the German goalkeeper of Fulham, shot a young man at the Bournemouth stadium who refused to move his arm behind the goal. Much more significant is the incident from 2013, when the star Eden Hazard from Chelsea had to explain to the disciplinary officer for kicking at the Swansea stadium of one of the servants who lay down in front of him.

Since the beginning of the season, English football has been trying to wipe out the most diverse forms of health. In an effort to dramatically increase the average number of hours played, the court almost punishes footballers with bad cards, in addition, following the example of the last World Cup in Qatar, the volume of minutes played has increased dramatically.

the right rules for podavae mm would be another step to speed up the game. While up to now there have been ten balloons in circulation in each match of the English league, now they should be ready to pop around the cars.

Even so, footballers will find their way to health.

And the boys and girls around the hits miss the opportunity to meet unsung heroes. Isn’t it wasted?

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