Slavia kicked the penalty correctly, the commission confirmed


The people of Prague led by a goal at Slovácko after halftime, and the situation from the 52nd minute became the key moment of the match. In the break, Mojmír Chytil freed Conrad Wallem, who fell in the penalty area after a fight with goalkeeper Milan Heča. Referee Karel Rouček, after consulting with his colleague Marko Radina, ordered a penalty kick from which Jurečka scored. Slavia took the 10th penalty in the league year, which is the most of all teams.

“Based on VAR (video referee) intervention, the referee correctly ordered a penalty kick for the visiting team for tripping the opponent. The goalkeeper Heča tripped the visiting team’s player Wallem with his left foot,” the commission said in its commentary on the FAČR website about the four situations from the round that were selected by the media.

She also confirmed the correctness of the expulsion of Karvina’s Amar Memič for a foul on Samuel Dancák from Hradec Králové. It was a raw game. “The fouling player stepped on the opponent’s calf with the sole of his back,” the commission said. Referee Petr Hocek initially awarded a yellow card, but after the intervention of the video referee Ladislav Szikszay, he reached for a red card in the setting of the first half. Weakened Slezana lost 1:2 in the east of Bohemia.

The commission also stated that Plzeň did not correctly score a penalty against Liberec at 0:0 following the fight between Ahmad Ghali and Matěj Vydra at the end of the first half. Viktoria lost to Slovan 1:3. It was not a foul even in the case of Zlín’s Tomáš Schánělec’s contact with Mladá Boleslav’s Tomáš Král, so the “Shoes” equalizing goal in the first minute of regulation was valid. However, the Central Bohemians won 3:2.


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