Paradox of the Czech league: It is better to finish seventh than sixth. I would think about it, says the former representative


In seasons when four clubs from the Czech league advance to the European Cups, the winner of the middle group will receive a financial reward of one million crowns. With five participants, however, it has a chance to jump into the cups, which is the case this year. For Europe, they will face the fourth best placed team in one game. Alternatively with the fifth (provided the winner of the MOL Cup finishes in one of the first four places in the final table).

“We are simply looking for a model so that all teams have something to play for by the end of the season. Superstructures are not only played in the Czech Republic, but also in Austria, Denmark and other comparable countries. When playing in the middle group for a million crowns, it didn’t even pay off for the clubs due to the costs of trips to matches. Now they have the opportunity to play for the Conference League,” notes editor Jiří Lizec.

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“The superstructure is not a bad idea. In addition, fans will see the Prague S derby or Pilsen’s battles with Sparta and Slavia. Players are moved by these matches. But it is necessary to come up with a model that would not lose its meaning. I am not surprised by Luboš Kozl when he talks about the fact that it is more worthwhile to be in the middle group than to finish sixth. Sixth place is weird, it doesn’t guarantee anything. But the clubs have agreed on this, it’s a given,” adds Rajnoch.

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