There is no turning back. Hradilek was thinking about the Olympics, but his hand betrayed him


The end loomed over me for a long time, but there is no going back, he stated at the meeting with the newspaper.

He is one of the athletes who can compare the emotions of winning an Olympic medal and the title of world champion. Tm even became ticker. Kayaking, kayak cross and extreme slalom.

But the real ride first came in London under the five rings. Olympia is a dream. There, the hunter will realize what a journey he has taken, how much work he has done and how many people are behind him and he is really proud, he said. But the sports hall is the gold of the world championship, because all the competition will meet there.

He registered water slalom for the first time at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, after which he came to Miloslav Hov, who coached him throughout his career. When I was arrested, I didn’t have the ambition to win money, that was later. To water my thli main people un, he said.

At the age of nineteen, he won his first World Cup, then went on to win five more.

Kayak Vavinec Hradilek together with his trainer Miloslav hou

After the dream seasons of 2012 and 2013, health complications took their toll, and in the meantime, young slalomers made it to the national team: Ondej Tunka, Vt Pndi and mainly Ji Prskavec.

At first, Prskavac’s actions, together with the song flowers, did not allow Hradilek to defend the star from London at the next Olympics. And in the last two years, he didn’t even make it to the national team.

Pesto was fully preparing for this season, he wanted to ride the city in the dark once, the Red World Games in Troy, to fight for another Olympics. He knew that the end of his career was coming, but he wanted to leave the channel and not the gaue.

Only two weeks ago he started to feel weakness in his left hand. As if you couldn’t take a step while walking, he described. He couldn’t raise his hand, it didn’t have the same firm grip as his right. He watched the other kayak go full throttle and just despaired. I just can’t do it that fast.

Vkendov’s seductions in Veltrusy then overshadowed his decision. The performance wasn’t that bad, but the very feeling of the ride convinced me that I should quit.

But they definitely don’t fight with a kayak. This is how his luck at the weekend nominations in Troy, at the home World Games, he would like to organize an exhibition farewell seduction, not even his love of extreme kayaking, in which he meets wild eels.

I’m just not going to slalom at full speed, he specified. I don’t like to go to the shipyard in Troy, and if someone needs a linen for a feast, I am hungry.

Now he wants to spend as much time as possible with his little daughters, so by the end of the year he has a full schedule of TV series days. There is also work in my slalom department in New Zealand. According to him, the position of a full-time trainer is not worth the weight.

I’m not going to get involved in coaching because I want to have slalom under my belt, he laughed.

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