First goal, glued to West Ham. Maybe we deserved to win, said Souek

First goal, glued to West Ham. Maybe we deserved to win, said Souek
First goal, glued to West Ham. Maybe we deserved to win, said Souek

I gave him thanks to the great Pihrbuk Mikhail Antonio, I have to change that. I knew that you should try to spread the word for me, we are somehow connected. I’m sorry that I hid, Souek praised himself in an interview for the club’s website.

Vladimr Coufal started the action in the 55th minute with a quick throw-in in the 55th minute of the match between West Ham and West Ham.

Antonio then expertly dug the ball into Souk, who buried it with the first touch and spit it out in the fall with the second.

August 31, 2022 at 10:10 p.m. pspvek archived: 1. of 2022 at 10:11

It was the first goal of the Premier League season for the inexperienced midfielder, he waited until the fifth round. Pedtm made his mark in the Konferenn League playoffs, helping Danish Viborg to score goals and assists.

Souka t, with his goal, helped strengthen West Ham’s bond. The iconic team entered the season desperate, having lost the first games – against Manchester City, Nottingham Forest and Brighton.

I’m glad we’re showing what’s in us again. After the victories in the European game, we won the three points from the two Premier League games, Souek recalled the previous win over Aston Villa (1:0).

Even against Tottenham, West Ham grinded to a full profit, which the Czech footballer also changed in the interview.

It’s a moot point, that’s for sure. But in the second half, in a short twenty minutes, we probably deserved all of them. We had two, those ances, even in the 94th minute we could decide, he described.

Tottenham is a common opponent, so we will take the point, but in the derby we of course wanted to win.

West Ham’s form couldn’t have changed at a better time, on Saturday when it was given by rival Chelsea and then on Thursday in the decisive duel of the Conference League group with Romanian FCSB.

We need to follow up on good deeds, to continue them. Dear Chelsea, it is not easy to survive in the English league. In each of them, we have to give our best, he added.

Souk’s seasons at West Ham

club statistics nap soutemi

2022/23: 7 saves, 2 goals, 1 assist
2021/22: 51 saves, 6 goals, 1 assist
2020/21: 41 saves, 10 goals, 1 assist
2019/20 (mid season): 13 zpas, 3 gly

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