Pardubice – Olomouc 0:2, Sigma leads by three points, Pardubice remain at the bottom of the table

Pardubice played without the suspended Bernard Rosa from the 39th minute. Hanáci took the lead in the first half after a goal by Jakub Pokorný, Antonín Růsek added the insurance in the 76th minute. Already in the sixth minute, Olomouc threatened, Chytil headed from the center of Zmrzlý, but goalkeeper Markovič, however, kicked the bouncing ball away. Pardubice also made themselves known, but Červenka did not reach Mareš’s pass in front of the goal.

Only the visitors created other chances in the opening act. Stopper Pokorný shot at the corner, but home defender Rosa kicked the ball away from the post. After that, Markovič dealt with Chvátal’s shot and Chytil headed it into the post. In the 37th minute, Rosa fouled Vodháněl from behind and received a yellow card. However, after the intervention of the video referee and watching repeated footage, Judge Hocek changed his original verdict and, to the astonishment of the Pardubice players and coach Němeček, excluded the 21-year-old Brazilian.

Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK

From the left, Jan Vodháněl from Olomouc and Dominik Janošek from Pardubice.Photo: Josef VostarekCTK

Sigma took advantage of the power play in the second minute of the opening act setup. Rűsk’s header was pulled by Markovič only to the arriving Pokorný, who made no mistake. The 25-year-old stopper, who recently came to Olomouc from Ostrava, scored the first goal of the league season.

Photo: Josef Vostárek, CTK

Goalkeeper Jakub Markovič from Pardubice.Photo: Josef VostarekCTK

After the break, Růsek headed into the crossbar and Chytil into Markovič’s arms. The home goalkeeper then pulled substitute Matoušek’s shot onto the post and Růsek shot over the crossbar. Růsk’s next attempt with his head didn’t work either, and Markovič pushed Navrátil’s shot into the corner.

The reassuring goal for Hanáky was added in the 76th minute by Růsek, who shot past Markovič from the penalty area. He scored for the first time in the league year. Substitute Lim could have corrected the result, but he shot over with a cannonball from outside the penalty area.

Olomouc defeated Pardubice in the league for the third time in a row and did not lose to them in Ďolíček in any of the three matches. The East Bohemians have the worst attack in the league with four goals and the weakest defense with 19 conceded goals.

7th round of the first football league (played in Prague in Ďolíček):
FK Pardubice – Sigma Olomouc 0:2 (0:1)
Goals: 45.+2 Pokorný, 76. Rúsek. Referee: Hocek – Machač, Kotalík – Szikszay (video). ŽK: Freedom – Poulolo, Chytil, Pokorný. ČK: 39. Rosa (Pardubice). Viewers: 636.
Pardubice: Markovič – Rosa, Vlček, Hranáč, Svoboda – Tischler – Sychra (60. Lima), Janošek (89. Akosah-Bempah), Hlavatý, Mareš (46. Kostka) – Červenka (71. Černý). Coach: German.
Olomouc: Trefil – Chvátal, Pokorný, Poulolo (46. Beneš), Zmrzlý – Spáčil (63. Ventúra), Breite (89. Greššák) – Navrátil (85. Sláma), Růsek, Vodháněl (46. Matoušek) – Chytil. Coach: Jílek.

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